Oakland Raiders: Stevie Brown and Slade Norris Signed To The Practice Squad

Eric SteitzContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

Oakland Raiders Stevie Brown
Oakland Raiders Stevie Brown

Oakland Raider fans can breath a sigh of relief as two players of note have been signed to the practice squad.

Stevie Brown and Slade Norris quickly became fan favorites this preseason and fans were in a uproar over their releases.

Brown led the team with two interceptions and, while he was in the game, always seemed to be around the ball. Some people even believed he was a threat to both Michael Huff and Hiram Eugene at FS.

Norris made a name for himself this preseason as a Special Teams ace with 9 points scored off of Special Teams plays.

I, like so many others, was surprised at the decisions to cut these two players, and even though they are on the practice squad, I would have liked to see them get a roster spot.

But, alas, I still have to be thankful that no other teams swooped in an took these two players. I know that they will continue to develop and mature into eventual starters on this team.