Bits Of Info Heard From In and Out The Locker Room

Gary JohnsonContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

Hey Bleachaholics, Gary Johnson here and I've been reading a few WWE News websites and just thought I'd share with everyone and just ask everyone's opinions on the subjects

TOPIC #1:  Matt Hardy Not Happy

Many have read about Matt Hardy's Twitter update about not being happy with his position in the WWE right now.  Cody Rhodes' promo on Smackdown must have gotten to him because Rhodes was right.  He isn't the same as when he was in The Hardyz, or when he was his "I won't die or quit" gimmick.  

He's getting up there in age, and I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this especially from all his fans but everyone listen up.  WWE is pushing younger talent...he isn't young anymore and he certainly isn't getting any younger.  He won't become a World Champion and he will continue pushing younger talent, he needs to realize that his time is going to be over soon.  Too many injures have stopped him from ever achieving what he wants.  I'm sorry Matt Hardy, but you're time is coming to an end.   

TOPIC #2: MONEY IN THE BANK's PPV Buyrights were awful

Is anyone surprised? With the ability to watch the PPV the next day on multiple websites, no one will buy the PPV unless it is one of the greatest PPV's of all time.  Vince needs to realize this soon or the boardroom meeting will be awful for everyone listening.  

TOPIC #3:  Jericho and Edge going to SD?

We all know what Jericho has said about leaving the WWE, but who's to say he won't just leave RAW and go back on his word like he has done many a time before.  It's around the same time the move to SyFy will it's a possibility.  Edge isn't doing much in RAW.  He had that feud with Orton that went nowhere (sadly), and he was on Team WWE.  That's all.  He definitely should move back to SD and become one of the main stars there.

TOPIC #4:  Stone Cold praises CM Punk and other random news

"Got a lot of reports of CM Punk using myring music and calling me out...I enjoy his work and wish him the best. Go get em kid."  

"yes I asked, and was denied. Apparently u need more than 2 moves to officially be called a "pro" (enjoy that one)"  - John Cena on his thoughts of becoming a pro on NXT

Apparently there will be a 3 hour Raw on November 15th?  I have no clue why but does anyone else?  

Sgt. Slaughter was hospitalized but realized later.  I was nervous when I first heard.  How devastating would it be to lose another WWE Legend?

New reports are that the WWE ex-Superstar ,Eugene, was signed by the WWE again and those rumors are false. 

RAW guest host Justin Long apparently called his hosting part "a disaster".  He felt out of place and awkward.  See Vince?  If the Guest Hosts feel's time to quit.

That's all I have today guys.  Hope you all are doing well and good luck in all your future endeavors.