American League: Lose The Designated Hitter

Nick MartinAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

As another baseball season begins to wind down and the playoff races start to heat up, we can't help but wonder if this off-season will be the one where the National League folds into the pressure and adds the desginated hitter to their rosters.

On the contrary of many people, I don't think that the National League should add a designated hitter and I think the American League should be getting rid of theirs.

Back in the golden age of baseball with Ruth, were the managers ever worried about an injury costing them millions of dollars? Were there great hitters who couldn't play defensively so they ONLY batted? No.

Baseball was the most glorious when all players had to go out there and just play. Not for the money, not for endorsment deals, and not to boost their free agent value.

They went out there and played for the love of the game.

The designated hitter undermines the simple guidelines of any sport; they are allowed to just go up and hit every ninth batter, and not have to field or pitch.

This is the MLB, the best of the best, and what is it saying to our youth when you have professional athletes, like pitchers in the AL, not having to be 4 or 5 tool guy?

True ball players are the ones that can do it all, and do it for the love of the game. Babe Ruth was known for his hitting ability and was also a great pitcher.

Pitchers should have to bat, batters should have to field. Cause if they can't, can they really be considered great ball-players?