Juan Pablo Montoya: Crew Chief Brian Pattie Will Win His Second Race in Cup

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2010

Could there be a replay today?
Could there be a replay today?Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images

Sunday night at the Emory Healthcare 500 in Atlanta, Juan Pablo Montoya could win his third cup race and his first oval in Cup.

Well, let me qualify that, if everything goes as planed and there are no bone-headed decisions made by the driver or crew, remember Indy and Pocono? Hopefully this group has learned a lesson on how not to lose a race.

Since the Chicago race the No. 42 team has been running up front, in many cases leading multiple laps, they have brought fast cars every week, cars that can win, the Watkins Glen race proved that.

I am certain that if the No. 42 team would have not blown Indy or “guessed the wrong call” at Pocono, Juan Pablo Montoya would be in position to make the chase.

Can we agree on that?

That’s of course water under the bridge. They can’t change the past, but they can certainly keep on going forward and win a few more this year.

I believe they will win multiple races in the next few months, there is no reason not to, they have as of late become a top NASCAR team.

If you’re a Juan Pablo Montoya fan you must me looking forward to the 2011 season, I know I am, aren’t you?

Enough said.