J.T. O'Sullivan Will Start the San Francisco 49ers' First Preseason Game

Fahad ZaidiCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Mike Nolan has named J.T. O'Sullivan as the starter of the 49ers' first preseason game during a press conference after their practice on Wednesday.

He was quoted as saying, "I'm excited about our quarterbacks. I'm excited about all three of them. They've done a very good job. I continue to feel better and better about the possibility of actually having three guys that can play and win games for us during the season, and that hasn't changed."

Nolan said that the main reason for letting O'Sullivan start was because the team has experience with both Shaun and Alex in game situations, but they do not have experience with O'Sullivan.

Nolan added by saying, "O'Sullivan will work with the first group in this preseason game. Smith will play the rest of the first half and probably start the third quarter, and Shaun will finish out the game."

It should be interesting to see how well O'Sullivan can play with a new team under Mike Martz's system. O'Sullivan played behind John Kitna in Detroit last year, which is why he is most familiar with Martz's philosophy on the football field.

Nolan concluded by saying that this does not indicate anything other than how we are going to play the upcoming preseason game.