How U.S.F. Can Beat Florida

Josue VizcayContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

He makes plays, and not turn over ball, we are in the game
He makes plays, and not turn over ball, we are in the gameJim McIsaac/Getty Images

The way they can beat Florida is by not being intimidated, force a young Brantley into turnovers, and take advantage of the newness of the Gators new defensive system. U.S.F. can match their speed. U.S.F. would need to execute the game plan. Florida might have a slight edge athletically, however U.S.F. is not that far off, that by out executing Florida, they can beat them. Look for Florida Gator football to suffer the same fate as Florida Gator Basketball. Billy Donovan got burned out, and took the foot off the gas pedal of the program. Urban Meyer is doing the same thing. Therefore, Florida Gator football is not going to have the same edge. Florida's hot shot Defensive coordinator is gone, virgin Shebow is gone, and Urban Meyer has to slow down, or die. Like Yogi Berra said 80% percent of the game, is 20% mental. And, a good way to think about this, is that in the Super Bowl 80% of the players were 3 stars and below when they were recruited for college. U.S.F is also going to have a higher pick in the 1st round of the N.F.L. draft than any Florida Gator player (Jason Pierre-Paul). Originally posted 03/01/2010