District V PeeWee Hockey: My All-Time Lineup

David HartmanContributor IAugust 7, 2008

I know that the Open Mic this week is geared more towards actual teams, but I am going out on a limb here.

It's 1992, I am six years old and about to sit through the first all hockey movie of my life —Disney's The Mighty Ducks. What a movie!

Full of Oscar worthy performances, and possibly Emilio Estevez's best performance EVER. Emilio stars as Coach Gordon Bombay and let's be honest, the rumors that he fabricated the "flying-V" play just by watching ducks fly must be true. Anyway, back to the topic.

Here is my all-time lineup for District V Peewee Hockey—The Mighty Ducks:


Line One

LW—Alexander Ovechkin
C—Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky
RW—Evgeni Malkin

I feel this first line would be one of the best possible combination of raw skill, feel, and offensive power. The combination of two snipers in AO and Gretzky, as well as, Malkin's ability to set-up for his big slap shot would be unstoppable.

Line Two

LW—Paul Kariya
C—Sid "the Kid" Crosby
RW—Teemu Selanne

I had to throw in a couple of the Mighty Ducks greats in this line. Combined with the  finesse/speed/awesomeness of "the Kid," this would be a hard line to shut-down. The overall speed of the line would also prove difficult to contain.

Line Three

LW—John LeClair
C—Eric Lindros
RW—Mikael Renberg

My checking line. Yes, this is an actual line from the 1990s, known as the Legion of Doom. It's possibly the best line in Flyers history. This line could both score and shut down opposing offenses. Also, the chemistry is unbeatable as Mikael Renberg and John Leclair are basically nothing without a superstar centre (such as Lindros).

Line Four

LW—Sean Avery
C—Joe Thornton
RW—Steve Downie

I really enjoy having a checking line consisting of two hard-nosed wingers who like to fore-check and a centre with the size to sit in front of the net waiting for a rebound or the one-time deflection from a pass out to the point from the end boards. This would be a difficult line to contain once they get into the offensive zone.


Line One

OFD - Chris Pronger
DFD - Scott Niedermayer

This is identical to the defensive unit the Ducks used to win the Cup a couple years back, sorry I just like this blue-line combination, get off my back.

Line Two

OFD - Brian Campbell
DFD - Kimmo Timonen

Defense meets offense in this combination, which can shut anyone down and score a one-timer from the blueline or assist a sniper by a pass to the slot.

Line Three

DFD - Adam Foote 
DFD - Dan McGillis

How can you go wrong with some random DFD? You can't.


Patrick Roy
Bernie Parent

Enough said.

I took this semi-seriously. I know that the Mighty Ducks is not an actual team, but if Gordon Bombay was coaching these players there is no way in hell that the Hawks could stop them. That's right Coach Riley I am gunning for you.

I do believe that a team comprised of these players in a salary cap-less NHL would prove unbeatable.

Thanks for reading.