Posters Make WWE PPV's So Predictable

Matt GuyettContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

WWE No Mercy 2007
WWE No Mercy 2007

Since WWE Summerslam 2007 I have seen so many poster's and made predictions due to what or who I see on the poster. For Instance for WWE Elimination Chamber I predicted Batista would win a title due to Vince which of course we all know was what happened. But I guess what Im trying to say is, Is the WWE making the ending of its PPV's obvious? I mean we used to have posters in which they would have put different superstars doing there moves on it, but now its Just one superstar posing. 


I'll start from WWE No Mercy 2007 which featured the Number one contender Randy Orton. This is how you read into the Poster, 


1 - You want to look at its background. So for this poster we can see 2 gates opened which Orton has gone through. 


2 - The font is quite unbelievably a big say, If its happy and light coloured then your guess could be a face winning the main event If dark and big then your bet is probably for a heel. For this the font is layed out in a very spaced out way. Look at the two letters that begin and end the name, N and Y. These are bigger and very Italic looking. 


3 - The superstars pose,Now in this it almost looks as if Orton is letting the dove free but if you examine it properly you can sort of see he is capturing it which may mean he is going to capture the title. 


4 - Colour, these are dark and gloomy maybe meaning a new era begins. 



Now you have seen my Poster examination tips I will do so for WWE Night of Champions, WWE Hell in A Cell and WWE Bragging Rights. 



WWE Night of Champions we know the 6 pack challenge and believe me or not that does have a say on this poster but it is obviously based around the SmackDown! main event, Kane vs. The Undertaker for the World title. 


The Background

The background in the poster is very dark and no light is shining the SmackDown! match features the two demons in the WWE so that is being shown in this by using the darkness effect. 


The font

Now if you look at the font it starts medium sized which could be signally The Undertaker then it gets smaller being the match is at even and then Big. Leading to one man in this bout, the Big Red Monster, Kane. 


The Superstars pose

Kane in this is looking very stressed and dangerous. But this for me does not lead to Kane in fact it leads to The Undertaker. You can see his eyes are very sleepy as if he is really anxious well when a superstar loses they become very frustrated and wreck less. Now if we take a look at the title pose. Kane is holding it out now you can see the lights being reflected from it. Maybe the Undertaker being victorious reflects into Kane's anger and frustration maybe he does something after their match if he loses such as takes out a superstar from the back.


(*Im not going to use colour this time im going to use superstar choice.) 

Superstar choice

Kane is the selected superstar on this poster. If we take a look at the title name being Kane the letters look as if they are being slowly rubbed out. E at the bottom is gone if you zoom in. Putting Kane on the poster can mean maybe a victory but due to cheating or something like that. 



WWE Hell in A Cell

Now this poster is very clever. The Undertaker is not wearing his iconic normal attire the hat and the jacket instead he is wearing the ministry of Darkness attire which has a big big say on things.


The background

The hell In A Cell is in the background but if you look closely there seems to be much more cage going further down into the background but this isn't the big say its my next examination tip. 


The font

Now look Red. Red means anger and reavenge. Kane put Taker in a vegitative state Red often leads to Kane but on this occasion due to the brightness and font size being very large and bold The Undertaker is taking the spoils but be aware of the ' H ' we haven't heard alot about Raw well if you look HELL is all the same size that isn't the case for any other word. HELL you could have your picks but my pick is...

The game Triple H returning. 


The Superstars pose

He has crossed his arms in a fierce manner and when that is the case it could signal lose of patience or annoyed. He might be annoyed that Kane snatched a victory at Night Of Champions. The Jacket is also very shiny maybe meaning he feels fresh and ready. 



The colour chosen is very light but its not the whole thing that is the colour it is his white eyes that grab your attention. If you look into his eyes you can see his face is creased maybe meaning he is signalling the end for kane. 


WWE Bragging Rights

This Poster is one of the best I've ever seen and Im going to have fun examining it.


The background

Now this background is very intelligent. It has dark clouds now I'd associate that with Kane and The Undertaker. Now look at the superstars they are facing, John Cena and Mark Henry. Two powerhouses and fan favourites on Raw. But now to the biggest talking point.

The font

Now this is quite frankly amazing art work. But for me its guaranteed that Nexus are still here in WWE come Bragging Rights. But No thats not the point. The point is that if you look at which word and colour word it is on its on Bragging which is SmackDown! colour. Could the Nexus side with SmackDown! to take out Raw competitors. Here's my guess:


John Cena (Team Raw) vs The Undertaker (Team SmackDown!) vs Wade Barrett (Team Nexus)


Now I know what your thinking they won't put Barrett in but I feel that they will. In fact the big thing is looking at Cena's face. It is very suggestive of that he is not happy with something. He is in thinking. Thinking of what?

You see I don't think its the end of Nexus that night not by a long shot because I believe Nexus will get new members. If Nexus win in their matches then they get to pick which superstar they want to join The Nexus. 

Now if you look properly you can see that superstars are actually not straight on looking at each other especially the Big Show and Orton. Maybe Raw and SmackDown! battle it out with Nexus as a 3rd party? 


The Superstars pose

Now I will do this one by one


John Cena - Very unfaithul looking and actually quite ignorant for me Cena's much talked about heel turn will begin.

The Undertaker - Very eagle eyed meaning he is very composed and looking straight through Cena's eyes. But in this he is wearing the Jacket and Hat I think we see the begging of Cena vs Undertaker - World Title vs WWE Title. 

Randy Orton - Looks quite afraid in fact if you look at his head position it is slanted to the side just like he does before the punt kick. He is positioned in front of The Big Show so may be he has a big say in proceedings on that night.

The Big Show - Angry, Ferocious and powerful all come into play whilst looking at Show. However he looks as if he has just taken punishment and isn't happy. 

The Miz - This for me is the biggest one. Look at his head position very forward and composed. He is ready. Ready to cash in possibly. We will  see but he is facing Kofi - Unification match? 

Kofi Kingston - If you look it doesn't look like Kofi now on SmackDown! we have seen the " New" side of Kofi. Im thinking heel? 

Evan Bourne - Ferocious looking in fact this is very interesting. Finally in the limelight could he have a big say on proceedings?

Rey Mysterio - This one isn't a big one for me. He looks as if he's in it for SmackDown! but might lose.

Mark Henry - I don't really know what to say about his facial expression. It is very voilent and tempering looking also he is sweating on his arm maybe is hurt? 

Kane - What a difference two PPV's makes. Was on the front of Night of Champions but now he is very spiteful and jealousy might come into play.

Sheamus - Look properly. Sheamus's face might be clenched but its not in a view of anger you see I feel he might make an alliance with Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre - Looks as if he know's what he is doing. 



Edge - No he isn't on this. But look properly. He has had rivalries with Undertaker, Big Show, Cena and Orton all 4 that appear in the starting position of the poster. Now, one thing this makes me think. Teddy Long makes a deal and he becomes World Heavyweight Champion. 




Finally all PPV results for me:












RAW VS SMACKDOWN VS NEXUS - Nexus - Triple H revealed as leader. 



*The last bits about HHH, Cena turning heel, Daniel and Ziggler being involved are complete guesses and have nothing to do with my Poster examinations *