Top 5 Football Teams That Deserve To Be Called Obnoxious

Ivan SoldoCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2010

How the football club gets antipathies?


There are a lot of reasons why  people despise some club.


Sometimes it's not by their fault. For example, big domination of one club and others can't do anything to compete with him. Other example is fabulous way of spending money on players and arrogance of owners.


I am bringing you a list of TOP 5 Football teams with the title obnoxious:

The teams are:



5. PSG

- Since the 90-es when in the club were great players like Rai, George Weah and Gionola, PSG played big role in European football but the fans weren't pleased enough. Why? Because of traditionally having bad transfer choices and bringing wrong players.   

- Management of the club falls into the crisis too often so because of that they changed 7 presidents in 7 years.




- Football scene in Germany is divided in two groups: Bayern and all others. Of course, this situation irritates other clubs and their fans.  Also when Bayern president says: there are other clubs good, beautiful and currently successfully but in the end of the season Bayern is for sure the champion. This of course irritates other clubs.

- Bayern also has huge finance power and they can have any player from Bundesliga. Bayern is a great example when we talk about domination.




- If we ignore last (Mourinho) season, Inter was mostly synonym for two things: stupid transfers and playing ugly football. One of the examples of Inter terrible management is legendary trade Cannavaro - Carini, when Moggi (Juventus president) successfully  deceived Morrati. He told him that Carini is good player just like Cannavaro is.

- Many football fans also don't like their last national titles because they won them after Calciopoli scandal, that visibly weakened Juventus and Milan.




- Madrid royal club shouldn't be on this list, the winner of 9 Champions League titles but unfortunately  we can't avoid him. The fact that in this club was formed anti-football concept, Los Galacticos, project primarily marketing value that completely destroyed the club in sport way.

- Perez is again the president, again they spend big amount of money on players that probably don't fit to each other (Cristiano Ronaldo & Kaka), and they give up on excellent players such as Robben and Sneijder.




- There is noting more irritating then the from the middle table club that suddenly starts spending like drunk billionaire. Of course today in football you need money to creative great team that will compete for everything but that need to be planned and purposeful. Manchester City is definitely not doing it planned or purposeful at all.

- Their market logic is based on bringing all superstars players in, still, by the power second club in Manchester.



Lately, we saw a lot of football fans starting to bring one more great club into this group:



 There are few great reasons why:


1. Turning on the sprinklers after they got knocked out from Champions League by Inter.

- This was definitely one of the most stupid things I have ever seen in football. That profes that Barcelona player's can't handle with the lost.


2. Victor Valdes stopping Jose Mourinho from celebrating

- What was his problem? Jose Mourinho finally brought Inter in so long waited Champions League final. Suddenly while he celebrates crazy Vicor Valdes runs toward him and tries to stop him from his celebration. Amazing! Never saw that too btw.


3. Cesc Fabregas Saga

- They tried to sign Fabregas from Arsenal with hilarious offer of 35 million € for one of the best midfielders in the world today. They of course were rejected because Fabregas definitely values more than 50 million €. He is Arsenal captain and they created him. It's not Arsenal fault that Barcelona let him go when he was a young boy.


4. Barcelona players talking to media about new players

- Ok, I know that everybody does that. But in Barcelona case it was stupid. First they started how Fabregas belongs to Barcelona and how he has Barcelona DNA?!?!?!

- Barcelona players won everything and suddenly they think they are the smartest people in the world with their funny media talking.

- Last example was from Xavi. This great midfielder "warned" everybody that Torres may consider move back to Spain and that Barcelona is perfect for him. “If Liverpool have another disappointing season, that will be it for him,” said Xavi. Very good from you Mr. Xavi.


I have a huge respect for Barcelona and today they are probably the best team in the world but if they can just shut their mouth and take a lost like a proud man they wouldn't be on on negative side at all.


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