Three Lions = Disgrace: England Players Involved In Further Press Speculation!

Thomas EnnionContributor ISeptember 5, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03:  Wayne Rooney of England is seen during the UEFA EURO 2012 Group G Qualifying match between England and Bulgaria at Wembley Stadium on September 3, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
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Another week, another England game ahead and another of our star players personal lives are coming into question. It seems that whenever England are about to play there is one scandal after the next. Today is the unfortunate episode with Wayne Rooney.

Whether the story is true or not is not the issue. The issue is that something needs to be done so that the famous white shirt and Three Lions are no longer disgraced. Over the past three years, England have had some of their key personnel including the manager appear in the tabloids with speculation about what they get up to behind closed doors. With each week it seems that the national team is becoming a farce.

The speculated scandals and players involved include:

John Terry

Terry was involved in a very public affair. He was rumoured to have had a relationship with Vanessa Perroncel while married to Toni Poole. What made this story so sickening was the fact that Perroncel is was the former girlfriend of Terry's former Chelsea and England team mate Wayne Bridge.

Terry has had previous that include affairs in public car parks in 2005, potential gambling of outrageous amounts in 2004, shoplifting parents in 2008, Terry's £10,000 Chelsea guided tours and finally his "drug dealing" dad. These are the major speculated stories in recent times. There are others.



Terry after the affair to Perroncel was stripped of the captaincy of the national team and has not played to his high standard since.

Peter Crouch

Footballers Mr Nice guy was caught with his trousers round the ankles recently after allegations appeared in the press that he had paid a hooker called Monica Mint. What makes this story bad was the fact that Crouchy was and still is engaged to model and well liked TV Presenter Abigal Clancy.

Steven Gerrard

Over the past few years, the part time captain was not portrayed as lighter than light. He has reportedly gotten a 16 year old pregnant, has had his wife involved in affair slurs, he has rumoured links to Liverpool "mafia" and was more recently up in court on rumours of GBH on a nightout in a nightclub after a Liverpool game in Southport. Again their are other rumours linked to the Liverpool and England captain. While some of these rumours may have been proved to be false, they are still allegations that tarnish the Three Lions.

Ashley Cole

Cole whilst regarded as a World Class footballer on the pitch, also loved the attention off the field as well. Well speculated rumours of affairs behind Girls Aloud singer and wife Cheryl Cole seemed to get more detailed and graffic with each passing week. Ashley was rumoured to have had numerous affairs and one night stands over the course of their marriage. What made the situation worse, Ashley was involved in possibly the first national sextext scandal. It was rumoured that the England left back liked to send naked pictures of himself to potential lovers, again while still married to Cheryl.


Like the others Ashley has previous, while under contract with Arsenal he was involved and publicly endorsed his "tapping up" by Chelsea where he was seen holding meetings with key personnel from Chelsea about a potential transfer that later emerged to be true. Then there is his hate of his "Public lifestyle and press intrusion". This comes after signing megabucks in celebrity magazine endorsements.

He has also been rumoured in the press of his dislike of playing for England anyway, so another player with a disrespect to the national side.

Wayne Rooney

Today it is reported that the golden boy has been involved in sleeping with a speculated £1200 a time hooker while his wife was pregnant. Again Wayne has had previous with other prostitutes of an older nature then early into his footballing career in a brothel. Also there is the smoking pictures after the world cup, public urination on a night out, and his Stretford court cases.

Rio Ferdinand

The new captain has been involvedd in some high speculated scandal that includes missing drugs tests, 8 months ban, alleged affairs, drink driving bans, sex tapes etc.


Jermaine Defore


The hat-rick goalscorer from Friday against Bulgaria has been involved in speculated affairs, a driving ban for using a model phone while speeding then dad's with "demon" habits.

The Rest

Then the is the likes of David Beckham and his Rebecca loos affair, saraongs etc. Jamie Carragher's sex tape and the naked cavorting with a stripper and whipped cream. Frank Lampard's rumoured affair, sex scandal and sex tapes earlier in his career. Then there is the Capello index, Joe Cole's episode when was was left shirt-less, money-less and phone-less, covered in blood and bruising after a fracas with love rival to then girlfriend.

I don't claim that all of the above stories are true, but with like most things in life, there is no smoke without fire, especially when some have had injunctions to stop some stories being published to the public. Each one of these players are superbly gifted and talented world class athletes. If these players concentrated with more important matters on the pitch, rather than off it, we as a nation could have a side of world beaters.

It was clear from the display at the World Cup that the players lacked any passion or desire for the national team. The question is what can be done to regain our reputation as a national force?

Sack them, ban them, fine them?


The worrying thing is, will this have a longer affect on the nations bid to hold the World Cup in 2018? These people whether they like it or not are role models to the younger generation. They should be leading by example. Again, i agree that every individual has a right to make mistakes, but with some of these players, the mistakes seem to keep happening and happening. With these people earning vast amounts of money, they have now regard for the value of money, so fining is pointless.

As fans do we turn our backs on the national team and focus our attention on our club sides?

While the stories and speculation may sell newspapers, it is also damaging our reputation on the World Stage. Maybe we prevent them from representing England and the Three Lions, maybe we stop them from representing the fans and singing God Save the Queen. Instead we let these people play for Self Centered FC and use Rihanna's Unfaithful for their nations anthem.


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