Oklahoma Sooners: Forget About Championship No. 8!

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2010

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Ryan Broyles #85 of the Oklahoma Sooners gets fired up during warm-ups against the Florida Gators during the FedEx BCS National Championship game at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

Utah State was supposed to roll into Norman, pick up their check and spanking, then skate back West.  The script was to celebrate Oklahoma's 2000 National Championship team.  A celebration of their program's 800th win, and an extension of the nation's longest active home win streak. 

Only problem was Utah State didn't get the memo.

The highlight of the night was at halftime when the 2000 team came back in all their glory.  They came back only to watch their current Sooners come very close to suffering what could have been another monumental loss. 

To the players, coaches, and fans, it felt very much like a loss anyway.  Considering all the preseason hype going in, Sooner fans must be scratching their heads after what they witnessed Saturday night.

Beginning with the play of Landry Jones.  Bob Stoops claimed the difference was night and day from last year to this year.  Sooner fans would beg to differ.  Jones was completely outplayed by his counterpart Diondre Borel from Utah State.  Sitting in the stands one couldn't help notice that Jones does not see the field, and the game does not appear to have slowed down for him yet.  He's going to go to the receiver that the play is called for no matter what.  Makes no difference if the receiver is laying on the ground, or if he runs through the tunnel and out of the stadium, Jones is going there.  Put simply, he looked eerily similar to what he looked like last year in Lincoln.  Unless the light comes on for him, and fast, forget about any championships in Norman.

His performance can't be blamed on the offensive line either as they did pave the way for Demarco Murray to amass over 200 yards rushing.  Jones had time, and he had receivers open.  He just couldn't find them.  If Florida State comes to Norman next Saturday and removes Ryan Broyles and Demarco Murray from the game, their home win streak will end.

Defensively the Sooners gave up over 300 yards passing.  While Demontre Hurst looks to be solid on his side of the field, the same can't be said for the other side.  Jamelle Fleming was burnt on a few occasions, which may shed a little light on why the coaches have been so high on true freshman Aaron Colvin.   Jonathan Nelson who had picks in three straight games toward the end of last season was also torched a couple times. 

It must be pointed out that in their defense, they were dealing with one of the most evasive QB's they've ever encountered.  The kid was just flat out slippery.   Diondre Borel gave the Oklahoma defense fits from beginning to end.  He was the black Fran Tarkenton Saturday night.  The Sooner defense would have him in their grasp, or so they thought, only to see him slip away and drop a pass 30 yards downfield to a receiver that had all day to run his defender dizzy.

The Sooners also had a couple of "youth" penalties on defense when Tom Wort pretty much did what Stoops said he would by running up in the stands and hitting anyone in sight.  He gets a pass though due to his youth.  It wasn't anything he did out of frustration, he was just fired up and wanted to hit someone, anyone.  He'll calm down as he matures. 

One of the most confusing things defensively was that the coaching staff apparently hasn't figured out a way to keep Ronnell Lewis on the field.  One of the most vicious hitters, and a great athlete only saw spot duty at defensive end.  One has to wonder how much time he'll see next week when Frank Alexander is back.

That's right Sooner fans, unless those were imposters in Sooner uniforms Saturday night, another five loss season is not only possible, but probable.  There's no question that if those same Sooners continue to show up, every game they play this year will be in doubt.  They have six days to pay the ransom for the apparent kidnapped Sooner team.  Sooner fans better be taking up donations!