Gone With the Wind: Farve drafted to the Jets!

Joy KuykendallCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2008

Who would've thought that the leading man on the Green Bay Packer's offense would bring his team to the Super Bowl '07 and WIN against the New England Patriots? And then at the end announce that he was retiring. Already Farve and the Packers had traveled a bumpy road. Then near the beginning of the '08 season, when Farve insisted he wasn't coming back, and everyone said he was, it seems that Farve possibly lost some resolve. But since he kept telling the Packers no, and he wouldn't sign, he got more tangled in a web that kept spinning. In the end, somehow he ended up getting to be a part of the draft. Maybe he was too late, and when he finally decided to sign, he was already in the draft. Maybe he decided he needed a break from the Packers, and decided to let the draft take him. We will see how Farve is doing with his new team, whether he leads them to a championship or steps away from the glory and is in the background, we don't know. I think he should've signed with the Packers when he had the chance. We will wait and see, wait and see what happens next!