Return to The Dark Ages Of KU Football: How The Orange Bowl Magic Is Gone.

Ben GartlandAnalyst IISeptember 4, 2010

College football is a sport that bears the same relation to education that bullfighting does to agriculture.    
                        ~ Elbert Hubbard

The only good thing about this game was that it wasn’t on TV. Had it been, I would have thrown my shoe through the screen in frustration. I thought the dark days of KU football we’re over, and that we were finally moving forward, but I guess I was wrong. I just have a few questions for KU, about how the hell we lost to North Dakota State University. 

1. How do we only score 3 points at home, against North Dakota State?

                This is my big problem with the Jayhawk’s performance tonight. Turner Gil’s conservative offense plan is obviously not working. There are many factors that I will get to that contributed to us only scoring 3 points, but come on KU, that was pathetic.

2. Why do we have more carries than we have total rushing yards?

                We had 34 carries from running backs Angus Quigley and Deshaun Sands, which totaled to a whopping 32 total rushing yards. This is absolutely terrible, not to mention on our home turf against and unranked FCS team. Our blocking was terrible so our running backs had nowhere to go, but still 32 yards? St. Thomas Aquinas High School could put up at least 75 on NDSU.

3. Why were all of our timeouts used by the 8 minute mark in the fourth quarter?

                I actually have an answer to this one. It’s because we did not have any focus going into this game. I think Gil is going too easy on these kids. He cannot afford to have a bad first season since his job security will be gone when Perkin’s leaves next year. I think I heard some people chanting “Bring the fat man back!” At this point it doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea.

The Wheat has stood silent tonight. The season won’t get any better for the Jayhawks, with a ranked Georgia Tech coming in next week, and conference play right around the corner, it might be time to bring out the paper bags.

Turner is going way too soft on these guys. I’m not suggesting we bring back Mangino, but we cannot continue with this “It’s about letting these kids have a good time playing college football.” It didn’t look like they were having any fun tonight, and it’s only going to get worse if they don’t change their mindset, grow some balls and start driving the ball down the opposing defense’s throat.

I’m not usually the person who is pessimistic about a team that I love. Hell I still think the Royals are in the playoff race, but this was absolutely frustrating to watch. I don’t want to return to the dark ages of 2-10 seasons, and getting beat 63-3 by K-State but it looks like we are heading in this direction. If this doesn’t change soon, Gil will be packing his bags as soon as Perkins bids his final farewell come next September.


Ben Gartland