Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly Have Learned Their Lesson

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly may have been the top wide receivers in the draft, but they still have a lot of learning to do.

When Thomas and Kelly were both drafted by the Redskins, the fans couldn't believe their luck. They had just drafted the two top receivers available.

Even though it may have seemed that the Redskins had it made, there are a few growing pains these receivers must overcome.

Specifically, their health. Both receivers are injured and will miss half the preseason. That doesn't help a team any when their two top rookies are hurt.

Both also failed to pass conditioning, something that they should be able to do. So maybe the Redskins aren't going to get the immediate duo of 1,000-yard receivers that they were hoping for.

Jim Zorn knows that when you have a week a of two-a-days, you're going to have injured rookies, but he expected a little better out of these two.

Not only a day after Thomas pulled a two-week hamstring did Malcolm Kelly suffer a "little" hamstring pull that later turned into arthroscopic surgery. That's not exactly what the coaching staff envisioned for the start of preseason.

Even though Thomas and Kelly may seem like they're at a low right now, it's all just a part of being a rookie. You can bet that these two players will not be injured again due to their poor shape anytime soon. This is what turns a rookie into a veteran.

Thomas and Kelly will learn more hard lessons, but they will be better for it, and over time they will turn into a receiver tandem that Redskins Nation can be proud of. All these two players have to do is take it one lesson at a time.