Darrelle Revis Update: Jets "Moving Forward," According to GM Mike Tannenbaum

Bleacher ReportContributor ISeptember 4, 2010

Can the Jets really move forward without Darrelle Revis, as GM Mike Tannenbaum says they will do?
Can the Jets really move forward without Darrelle Revis, as GM Mike Tannenbaum says they will do?Chris McGrath/Getty Images

As the New York Jets' 2010 approaches, Darrelle Revis still has yet to report to the team while remaining in his holdout (another reason why nobody listens to Tim Cowlishaw). 

And Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum says that the Jets are "moving forward" without him. 

"Darrelle's not here and we've planned accordingly," Tannenbaum said. "We feel good about our depth at corner. We have six guys that we think can hold up, and that's who we're going to be moving forward with.

"Organizationally, we have to move forward. We're playing Baltimore in a little over a week, and that's what we're prepared to do. We feel good about the roster we have, and we feel good about our coaching staff."

So if Revis does not play for the Jets, their defense takes an obvious step back. Having a shutdown corner makes the defense so much better. It makes the pass rush better and it allows the other cornerback to get lots of interception opportunities. 

Now with Revis out, Antonio Cromartie becomes the top cornerback on the roster. If Cromarties plays like he did in 2007 (in which he set a Chargers franchise record with 10 interceptions) then the Jets will be fine. But he has not played at that level the last two years and has not proved during the offseason he can take Revis's spot without a concern.

And Jets first-round draft pick Kyle Wilson, who was considered by many (myself included) to be one of the top corners in the draft and an excellent selection at the time, has not looked great in the preseason either. 

Without Revis, the Jets defense will not be nearly as great this season as it was last season, putting even more pressure on second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez and the rest of the offense for the J-E-T-S.