Ole Miss Rebels Lose: So Much for Jeremiah Masoli's Getting Over on the NCAA

James Walker@BRJamesWalkerAnalyst IISeptember 4, 2010

Jacksonville State?  Really?
Jacksonville State? Really?

Now that Jacksonville State fans can climb down from the wall, the Rebel Nation must be wondering what happened to the greener pastures of Jeremiah Masoli's resurrection.

Seriously, was that karma or what?  Not to take away from the Gamecocks' victory, but I for one was stunned that the NCAA allowed Masoli to play after originally ruling him ineligible to play this season for Ole Miss.

Houston Nutt didn't expect these Gamecocks to put up much of a game, I'm sure.  He doesn't play South Carolina this year; perhaps he got confused when making this week's game plan.

One thing is for sure, the Ole Miss Rebels will be licking their wounds for some time.  Some may think this is the worst upset since Appalachian State upset Michigan in the Big House back in 2007.

Ole Miss travels to Tulane next week to face a former SEC team.  Do you think the Rebels might have some angst going into that game?

As for Jeremiah Masoli—welcome to the SEC.  Ole Miss didn't lose to an SEC opponent; they did much worse.  For Masoli's sake, I hope this was just a simple loss and not an omen.  Football is religion down in the South, and the man above may have just sent a statement his way.

I wonder what Coach Nutt said to his players after this two-OT loss.  I bet it wasn't pretty.


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