Diva NXT- Hit Or Miss?

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Diva NXT- Hit Or Miss?

As many know, the women's wrestling world was rocked Tuesday when we found out WWE is going to base Season 3 of NXT solely on Divas. This was pretty big news, because as we all know the Divas aren't exactly the focal point of WWE. The question is, what will it mean for the Divas? And will it succeed?

First you have to realize why WWE decided to go with an all-Divas NXT season. Reportedly WWE did this as a throwaway season, due to the fact that they haven't found a new channel to broadcast NXT on. So basically, WWE isn't expecting Diva NXT to work. Even worse, they aren't expecting anything from Diva NXT. This brings about the question, why should the Divas themselves care then?

Well, I think they should care because if they bring in the ratings they'll catch WWE's attention. If the women can keep NXT's ratings the same as before, or increase them, WWE might want to invest more in them. They might be able to flourish once more, and a new, better era of women's wrestling in WWE can start. It's a good chance for these girls to get over as well, so let's take a look at why this season could work:

 Sex Appeal

Although it can be argued that the casual fan won't want to see women wrestle in WWE due to the reputation they have, it can also be argued that they will want to watch because the Divas are gorgeous. It's the old theory that people want to see "hot women beat the crap out of each other". As derogatory as that may seem, it's the truth. WWE can use this to reel more viewers in.


For once the Divas are being given time. That's extremely hard to come by in WWE nowadays, but with an hour to work with the Divas could do great things. They'll be able to actually showcase their in-ring talent for once, as well as try and get over with the crowd through promos. If they stay on their A-game they can prove why WWE should care about them.


Whether you like it or not, women's wrestling fans do make up a good portion of WWE television. I'd like to think we're thirty percent of the fanbase, and that's a pretty good amount. We really rear our heads on the internet, and I think it's become apparent that the internet is the key component for NXT to work. Wevote. We choose who we want. We control the competition. So if we can spread the word and gain more support for it, Diva NXT could be a big success.


The simple fact that this season is based solely on the Divas makes them different. This could definitely attract viewers, and even bring in a chunk of casual fans to watch. Everyone likes a change of pace every now and then, so why not tune in? What's to say that Diva NXT won't get even more viewers than the normal seasons of NXT did?

If you look at it from this point of view, why can't this season of NXT work? All the potential in the world is there, and the talent, so why not? It could mean big things for the Divas in the future, so I hope these NXT Diva rookies make the best of it.

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