China Olympics

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China Olympics
The 2008 Summer Olympic are starting soon. They are in China this year. The home of some of the worst air on the planet. Seems like a great place to hold athletic contests. What happened - was Pittsburgh and Los Angeles booked for the month?

We, America, go into these games with high hopes. We expect our women to win the softball gold, the soccer gold and the basketball gold. We also expect our men to bring home the gold in basketball.

We sent some very good basketball players to China but I would of liked to see a little more size down low. Even without much bulk on the blocks I am sure Kobe Bryant and Lebron James will take it to the world with determination.

I don't know much about women's soccer or basketball although I am positive we are sending very capable teams.

America's softball team I have seen play. They are very dominant even though they suffered a couple of bumps in the road while playing their practice schedule. They also field Jennie Finch and Caitlin Lowe who will get attention for their All American looks. So look for the babes of the diamond to become the sweethearts of this Olympics.

We also have a very good gymnastic squad this year, I am told. Shawn Johnson is the star and will capture the spotlight if she lives up to her billing.

There are also hundreds of other contests in the Olympics and our track and field team will be high in the medal counts. Our swimmers led by Michael Phelps will control the pool.

When the smoke has cleared and the events are over, I believe the United States will hold the lead in total medals followed closely by the host Chinese team.

But no matter how many medals our team wins they will make us proud to be Americans. Our Olympic stars always have and I believe they always will. for wife pictures, recipes, landscaping and more

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