Fantasy Football 2010: Quarterback Strength Of Schedule

Nick Sero@@thesportscannonCorrespondent IIISeptember 4, 2010

The Packers' Aaron Rodgers has the easiest schedule in 2010.
The Packers' Aaron Rodgers has the easiest schedule in 2010.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

At the Fantasy Football Sportal, we pride ourselves in providing you with expert fantasy sports news and tips. In our second look in to the positional strength of schedules the focus now will be on the quarterback position. This time around we have calculated which quarterbacks will have the easiest schedule versus their opposing defenses.


When looking at the strength of schedules for the quarterbacks this season, it appears that the NFC East could have some high scoring games in 2010. There are also a few solid backups listed below that could come in handy in case of injury later in the season. Check the list below to help make your draft day a little easier.


Top Ten

1.Aaron Rodgers, GB - Rodgers is poised for another big year in 2010. The Packers’ quarterback had a great season passing, and also the best season running the ball at his position. The Packers will be facing off against some teams who, on paper, should be tough against the pass, although some had some off-season losses that should make the 2010 campaign easier on Green Bay. This season should be another good one for Rodgers’ owners.

            Key Weeks: 4 vs Det, 6 vs Mia, 12 vs Atl, 14 vs Det


2.Peyton Manning, IND - The AFC South didn't get any better at defending the pass this off season. Thanks to that, Peyton is in the position to continue his dominance at the quarterback position. Peyton and the Colts will also face the Chiefs, and the Raiders during the fantasy playoffs.

            Key Weeks: 2 vs NYG, 5 vs KC, 14/17 vs Ten, 16 vs OAK


3.Donovan McNabb, WAS - The transition from the Eagles to the ‘Skins may not be as tough as some would imagine for McNabb. Getting to play against teams he already knows, and his former team are good for his potential. The NFC East was mediocre against the pass last season, and The ‘Skins will also get St. Louis, Detroit and Tennessee on the schedule.

            Key Weeks: 3 vs St. L, 8 vs Det, 11 vs Ten, 14 vs TB


4.Kevin Kolb, PHL - The back end of the Eagles’ schedule is a tough one, which make Kolb a poor playoff quarterback. He has a ton of value in the first half of the season, however, playing four of his first seven games against top-ten easiest teams to pass against in fantasy. Kolb is a great late round addition, and makes for better trade bait later in the season.

            Key Weeks: 2 vs Det, 3 vs Jax, 6 vs Atl, 7 vs Ten


5.Tony Romo, DAL - The NFC East just has an easier schedule for their division this year and the Cowboys are no exception. Like Kolb and the Eagles, Romo’s best run will come in the beginning of the season. The Cowboys are historically very good after the bye week and 2010 will continue that trend. The Cowboys will play host to the Titans, Giants and Jaguars in their first four games after the bye week.

            Key Weeks: 5 vs Ten, 6 vs Min, 7 vs NYG, 8 vs Jax


6.Matt Moore/Jimmy Clausen, CAR - It is hard to tell now who will be the starter for the Panthers this season, although it appears to be Matt Moore’s to lose. The Panthers do have an easier schedule versus quarterbacks this season so whoever does get the start should be okay. Historically speaking, the team with the most forced turnovers rarely repeats the following season, which greatly reduces the New Orleans Saints’ chances of repeating as a great defense. This makes the NFC South far less intimidating. Whoever is the quarterback for the Panthers, their best scores will come during during weeks 12 through 17 ... interesting.

            Key Weeks: 8 vs StL, 12 vs Cle, 14/17 vs Atl


7.Eli Manning, NYG - Eli was the 11th ranked QB last season and will look to improve on his numbers this upcoming season. Eli had his best season statistically this past season and could continue to build on those strong numbers with his 2010 schedule. His best run should come right before the bye week.

            Key Weeks: 3 vs. Ten, 6 vs Det, 9 vs Sea


8.Vince Young, TEN - Young should come out of the box strong playing three teams that were easy competition for quarterbacks to begin the season. The rest of the games before the bye week will not be so easy, if Young can stay quarterback bye week ten however, his season will get much easier for the Titans quarterback.

            Key Weeks: 1 vs Oak, 3 vs NYG, 6/13 vs Jax, 10 vs Mia, 16 vs KC


9.Jason Campbell, OAK - Anytime you have the AFC West and NFC West on the schedule you should have a decent season. Throw in games against Miami and Jacksonville and Campbell could finally give Oakland a consistent quarterback since Rich Gannon.

            Key Weeks: 1 vs Ten, 2 vs STL, 8 vs Sea, 9 vs KC, 12 vs Mia


10.Brett Favre/Tavaris Jackson/Sage Rosenfels, MIN - The NFC North should be a bit stronger against the pass this season, but the two games against the Lions aren’t going to be any tougher than usual. There is a big drop between the ninth and tenth quarterback spot, however, so don’t let this ranking get to your head. Whichever Viking quarterback is the starter, they won’t have an easy schedule, but he will have a good chance of continuing a streak of productive quarterback play.

            Key Weeks: 2 vs Mia, 3/17 vs Det



Bottom Five (5 to 1)

5.Ben Roethlisberger, PIT - Byron Leftwich will likely have a good run at quarterback in the first six weeks when they play all their easiest competition versus quarterbacks. The AFC North is just a tough division to play in for any quarterback, having to close out your season against the Bills, Jets and Panthers hurts Roethlisberger’s chances of a redemption year after he takes back over under center.


4.Tom Brady, NE - It will help if Wes Welker returns healthy this season, but it won’t help that much. The Patriots play five of the toughest defenses versus quarterbacks in the first six weeks.


3.Chad Henne, MIA - Brandon Marshall will take his chances on Revis’ Island this season as well as taking on the AFC North.


2.Joe Flacco, BAL - Troy Polamalu is healthy again and opening the season versus the Jets could be a tough way to start the Boldin-Flacco era.


1.Jake Delhomme, CLE - The Browns make it tough on their starter as it is. No matter who is under center this season in Cleveland it will be tough facing nothing but top 15 teams versus quarterbacks.