Attention Rex Ryan; It's Time To Bring Darrelle Revis Home

Lou GeorgalasContributor ISeptember 4, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - NOVEMBER 29:  Darrelle Revis #24 of the New York Jets runs the ball in for a first quarter touchdown after an interception against the Carolina Panthers on November 29, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The New York Jets are about a week away from the start of the regular season, and a new $1.6 billion dollar stadium, but are still missing their best player and arguably the final piece to being a legitimate Superbowl contender. The holdout has reached 35 days, and baring a dramatic change in negotiations, the Jets will open the regular season without Darrelle Revis. This would be disastrous and borderline catastrophic for a franchise that has not won a championship in four decades. The Jets need Revis even if costs them $162 million.

This is where head coach Rex Ryan needs to step in, take control and make the front office bend in the negotiations. Ryan, who oozes confidence, can talk all he wants about how he believes the Jet defense can still be great, and that the team can be Super without Revis, but deep down inside he must realize that it is absolutely ridiculous to think that he can run his multiple blitz packages without the game's best and most versatile cornerback patrolling the secondary. He needs to stop talking about the team's future success and start pushing the Jet front office to come to terms with the star holdout.

Revis, is clearly the best defensive player in the game and needs to be paid like it. He allows the Jets to do so many things defensively. His ability to shut down the opposing team's best WR every week allows the Jets to successfully blitz their secondary more then any team in the NFL. With him, they are the best defensive team in football. Without him, they remain a huge question mark especially with the loss of Calvin Pace for possibly 4-6 weeks.

A franchise, perhaps on the verge of something special needs to have all of it's weapons. The Jets are currently missing their top gun. Rex Ryan needs to make this happen at whatever cost. While Kyle Wilson has been very impressive in camp, it is silly to think he can replace Revis. It won't happen and in the long run the Jets may live to regret this decision. With question marks surrounding the team's offense, they need to be secured defensively as their top rated defense is what brought them a game away from the Superbowl last season.

With about a week away from the opener, it's time to end the madness. It's time to bring Revis home or face another disappointing season. While disappointment is a common term for this franchise, the expectations for the upcoming year have never been higher. Try explaining to a fan base that just generated $350 million in PSL fees an 8-8 season. Not good.

Stop the nonsense. Get Revis in here ASAP.