We Got One

AlexAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

It was a tough series for the Twins, one that had just a few things went the other way could have just as easily been a sweep for Minnesota rather than a series loss. I know one thing, and that is if the Twins can’t learn to win a few games on the road quickly, come September we’ll be talking about how they missed the playoffs.

There isn’t really any team with the exception of the Angels that is really good on the road. With that said, the Twins still need to be better than the 24-30 that they’re been thus far. Coming up in the final two months they’ll have two critical road trips. One of fourteen games and the other of ten. They can’t head west at the end of August and go 5-9 and expect to make the playoffs, they need to have some sort of success even if it is being just above the .500 mark.

Another thing they need to learn to do is beat bad teams. You could argue that the Twins have an easy schedule as far as teams go with twenty-two total games remaining with the Mariners, Athletics and Royals. For the most part those game are on the road, so that will play a big part yet again. But they also need to learn to cap games off against these teams and take advantage of the youngness.

By the time we get to the end of August, for the most part these three teams will have likely given up on some of their veterans and called up youngsters and prospects to see what they have for their future. The Twins need to take advantage of these situations.

It was tough to lose two games to one of the worst teams, but right now we’re lucky it was just a short two-game losing streak. Hopefully the rotation can begin to provide more seven inning outings to save the bullpen. I just really realized this week how much I miss Pat Neshek.

Hopefully we won’t look back in September and say that the Twins missed the playoffs because they couldn’t finish games or because they couldn’t take advantage of their opportunities.