Erin Andrews: 15 Reasons We're Giddy To See Her on ESPN College GameDay

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 4, 2010

Erin Andrews: 15 Reasons We're Giddy To See Her on ESPN College GameDay

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    College Football Season is back and so is another year of College GameDay on ESPN. The show is now a tradition and has been around for a quarter-century.

    But with all good things there is change, and the change that College GameDay is bringing to the table is none other than the Fan Favorite herself, Erin Andrews.

    Yes, she is joining the team which means Saturdays can only be getting better.

    Let's count down the ways.

15. Starting a New Tradition

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    Ms. Andrews remarked that she was excited to be joining the GameDay crew because she remembered when they visited her campus when she was in school.

    GameDay has been an institution for years and now EA will only enhance and improve on it.

14. Great Bonding Moment for Fathers and Sons

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    Now fathers and sons can gather around the television and talk about things that only a dad can say to his boy.

    Things like: "Football is cool, son." And...

    "He knocked the snot out of that guy!" And...

    "Yes, son, that is Erin Andrews. Now turn it to the other game, your mother is coming."

13. She Brings New Demographic to College Football from DWTS

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    As stated by Andrews in an interview, women who never saw her on ESPN are now fans of hers because of Dancing With The Stars.

    So what if those women watch this new third hour of GameDay?

    She will have created a whole new breed of college sports fans:

    The Female!

12. Getting to Watch Lee Corso Not Know How to Act Around Her

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    Not much explaining needed here, if you have seen Mr. Corso over the years.

    I still feel like he should do a conjoined twins movie with Mel Brooks; they are both pretty funny.

    Or a remake of Blazing Saddles. And EA can do a cameo.


11. A Third Hour of Game Day Can't Be Bad, Right?

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    Getting a chance to really get to know the coaches and players, while watching EA sit in a directors chair...

    I can see nothing bad about this.

10. No More Rumors of Jenn Brown Pushing Her to the Side

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    For months, while Erin Andrews' contract was expiring, there were rumors of the new kid on the block, Jenn Brown, replacing EA.

    Shame on you Internet folks...

Shame on You!

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    I mean, Jenn Brown is cute and everything, but there's no way she would ever replac--

    My. Goodness.

    Moving on...

9. Brings a New Level of Excitement

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    Like all things that have been around for awhile, you get stuck in a routine and need something to shake it up.

    Andrews brings that new level of excitement to College GameDay.

    And hopefully she can bring some friends every once in a while, too.

8. Gives Us a Chance to Use The Word Giddy

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    How often can you get giddy about anything?

    When is the last time you told your buddies that you were giddy?

    It's really an underappreciated word.

    Here it is in a sentence:

    "After looking at this picture, I am giddy about EA's... boots."

7. She Proves Her Critics Wrong

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    We knew about Mrs. Hasselbeck criticizing Andrews about going on DWTS, but there were others as well.

    According to a New York Post article a while back:

    Toronto Star reporter Rosie DiManno described Andrews as a "ballroom bimbo" and predicted Andrews would suffer from "damage she is doing to her profession and her own reputation as a journalist."

    That'll do, Rosie. That will do.

6. More Segments Where College Athletes Try to Focus on The Questions

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    I know it's awkward, but they are so cute at that age.

    Next time Andrews does a post game with one of the college players, watch how uncomfortable they are.

    Especially the underclassmen who are new to the game.

    It's the little things.

5. She Gets to Do More Serious Work

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    With her new contract, Andrews gets to work on her ultimate goal...

4. The Potential for ESPN to Do the Right Thing...

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    And spin her off on her own network: ESPN-EA.

    Who really watches ESPN2? Bowlers and poker players before heading off to the casino.

    Guaranteed more viewership for Erin's new channel.

    And if you remember, I predicted all of this.

    And no, I didn't see a cent of the new contract.

3. The Security of Knowing She Will Be There

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    Now that she has a new contract, we know we can count on her to be there.

    For those of us with abandonment issues.

    Trust is key.

2. More EA Clones to Sports

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    This is Charlotte Jackson. She works in England and they call her the  UK's Erin Andrews.

    She currently a works for Sky Sports News.

    This is what Andrews brings to the table. She's like a Pied Piper.

    I hope she mentioned this in her negotiations.

2. More EA Clones to Sports (cont'd)

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    This is Ms. Jackson walking away.

    Hopefully from her current gig to come to work at ESPN-EA.

    Here are a couple more of dear Charlotte.

1. Undeniable Proof That College Football Is Back

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    Nothing more to say, folks.

    My work here is done.

    EA, take it away.