WWE: Vickie Fires 6'9 Aloisia & Hires Awesome Kong!

Rex WilliamsContributor ISeptember 4, 2010

6'9 NXT Rookie Aloisia
6'9 NXT Rookie Aloisia

The Internet buzz for Vickie Guerrero's rookie, Aloisia has been big, but it just got bigger when Vickie herself fired her!

As the story goes, Vickie has fired her 6'9 NXT Rookie and is going to announce the introduction of her new (even more destructive) rookie, Awesome Kong!

Of course none of this has happened yet, so I'll be the first to throw Kong's name in the hat. 

As we know, Aloisia is a giant, but she is a "Green Giant" at that.  Kong, however, is not and is exactly what the competition and WWE needs. 

It is no secret that she could of been huge had TNA treated her with respect.  She could of went on and perhaps be the first in TNA to truly "Cross The Line".  Kong, simply put, is money!

So, what giant will Vince McMahon choose?  Andre's son, perhaps?  Or the "Green like her daddy" Great Khali's son? 

Anyway, other than throwing Kong's name in the hat (and I do apologise if someone on BR already has, but I don't have time to look through the articles) I'd like to leave you with the closing thought, is Awesome Kong about to make an "Impact" in the WWE?


As always I encourage your comments and I take both negative and positive comments on board.  Maybe Kong isn't Vickie's NXT Rookie, but who do you think it is?