Let It Go! Top Wrestlers That Need To Retire! (And Stay Retired!)

Michael BradfordContributor ISeptember 4, 2010

Let It Go! Top Wrestlers That Need To Retire! (And Stay Retired!)

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    Look, no one wants to hear that their favorite in ring performer needs to retire. Specially if we were kids when they started wrestling and we grew up watching them! When we were kids, The Undertaker would take a chair shot and still not go down. Hogan could pump his arms and then get that sudden surge of energy that would help him win again. Bret Hart simply was the best! But all good things must end. And no one, I repeat, NO ONE, can do this forever. Eventually it catches up to you. Now some stay cause they love the sport. Other do it because they need the money. For whatever reason, they’re still holding on to the spotlight that should be placed on other people. With that, I give you my list of people that need to retire. And before anyone sends me hate mail, bare in mind that this list wasn’t easy to make, as I am a fan of everyone on the list. But sometimes, people have to know when to let go.



1. Bret Hart

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    Remember when the name Bret Hart caused the whole arena to cheer so loud, the whole building shook? I do. The last time I saw Bret enter a ring was on the 900th episode of RAW. And he got some cheers, but nowhere near what he used to get. Why did Bret come back? Simple: Ratings. His rivalry with Vince was great and it would have been a great way to end his career. But he's still here, and my question is why. He doesn't wrestle anymore. He can wrestle like he used to. He's not the GM of RAW anymore. He occasionally aids The Hart Dynasty. So why is he in the WWE? He’s taking time away from wrestlers that can use it.

2. Hulk Hogan

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    This guy needs to let it go. I wasn’t even that big of a fan of Hogan back in the day, but I respect the contributions he made to the business. But now, it seems like he’s coming out of retirement….again! Although his work schedule is way lighter than his WWE or WCW days, and despite his numerous health issues, he’s been in two wrestling matches in TNA. How much time will pass before he get’s in the ring again? I would say once he’s cleared by his doctors to go. I respect Hogan. But the time has come to move on. If he stays in TNA in a non-wrestling fashion, this would be good for TNA as a company and for Hogan as a person. He can be a part of the business he loves, but not take time from up and comers, and not hurt himself.




3. The Undertaker

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    No one, NO ONE, can doubt “The Deadman,” has seen better days. Does he have it to make it to another Wrestlemania? Yes. Beyond that? I doubt it. He would have to take lighter and lighter work loads and may even be limited to PPVs only. I think this is why WWE is doing the Kane/Undertaker angle on Smackdown. It’s time for Taker to be put to rest. Who will end his streak? Who knows. That’s for the bosses to decide. But anything beyond the next Wrestlemania would make him look sad. And being a life long Undertaker fan, it would upset me greatly.



4. Mick Foley

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    This is the hardest one to do. Not only because I am a fan of Mick Foley’s in ring career, but I am a fan of Mick Foley the man. Since he came to the WWE as Mankind, I became a fan, because he wasn’t like anything else at the time. But taking one too many head shots, falling off metal cells, bombs, thumbtacks, barbed wire bats, tables, ladders, and fire, has made Mick look like a crash test dummy. And now TNA isn’t even using him that much. It’s time for Mick to turn it in. And as I said, this one, is the hardest one to write, but the last thing I want to see is Mick becoming someone who can't let go. And I think even he wouldn't want that.



5. Triple H

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    Ahhhh I can hear it now. The tap, tap, tap of keyboards sending me hate mail. But hear me out. I’m not saying he needs to retire right away, but it’s something he should think about doing soon. In an interview, he said it was sad when guys like Ric Flair held on to the spotlight for too long. Well, what was him having the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship belts every other week? What was bringing back Degeneration X when they lost their cool in the attitude era? And what is it now that (supposedly) he was supposed to be the leader of Nexus? I’m a fan of his, I really am. And as I said, I think The Game still has a few good years left. But retirement should be within eyesight.


6. Ric Flair

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    Okay, this one I honestly don’t care what people think. Flair past his prime a long time ago. And I can hear it now, “But Vince made him retire when he didn’t want to.” So? I think the send off he got in the WWE was the best way to go! So what ends up happening? He goes to TNA and wrestles again! You talk about someone unable or unwilling to walk away. Now some will argue that he needs the money, or that he doesn’t need the money, but he loves to do it. What I don’t understand is why not just take a non-wrestling role in TNA? Be near the business but not in the ring. And don’t hand me that tired line about how he can put people over. Because he’s Ric F’ing Flair!! Him simply saying “this guy has it,” is enough to put someone over! Why be in the ring with him? Move on Ric. It’s getting sad!



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    What’s worse? Watching someone leave the business, or seeing them stay on far longer then they should and look tired, sad, weak and out of place? Sure we hate to see them go! Who wants to see their favorite wrestler retire? No one becomes a fan of a wrestler just to see them leave! But there is a danger to staying on too long. Not only for the person in the ring but for the business as well. This business runs on young blood and if the trend of wrestlers that don’t know when to let it go continues, the business will look pathetic, and the TV shows will become unwatchable.