Let It Go! Top Wrestlers That Need To Retire! (And Stay Retired!)

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Let It Go! Top Wrestlers That Need To Retire! (And Stay Retired!)


Look, no one wants to hear that their favorite in ring performer needs to retire. Specially if we were kids when they started wrestling and we grew up watching them! When we were kids, The Undertaker would take a chair shot and still not go down. Hogan could pump his arms and then get that sudden surge of energy that would help him win again. Bret Hart simply was the best! But all good things must end. And no one, I repeat, NO ONE, can do this forever. Eventually it catches up to you. Now some stay cause they love the sport. Other do it because they need the money. For whatever reason, they’re still holding on to the spotlight that should be placed on other people. With that, I give you my list of people that need to retire. And before anyone sends me hate mail, bare in mind that this list wasn’t easy to make, as I am a fan of everyone on the list. But sometimes, people have to know when to let go.



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