Hot Playoff Race:In The New York-Penn League.

Lauren CullenContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

If you don't know what the New York-Penn league is, then you are surely missing out. The New York-Penn league is Class A Short Season baseball. The most famous teams out of that league are the Staten Island Yankees and the Brooklyn Cyclones. So there, now you know.

Now, there is a heavy battle going on in the Stedler division between the Tri-City Valley Cats (yay!) and the Connecticut Tigers for first place and a spot in the playoffs. The Vermont Lake Monsters are also in contention, however they are now 2.5 games out of first. The fight for first and the fight for a playoff spot has been a nail biter with both teams either tying or a team being .5 games out of first. Extra innings, crazy plays, and an immense show of talent has only added to the excitement of this playoff race. Who wins first place will be determined at the very end of the regular season. Yes both Saturdays and Sundays game will determine who the winner will be.

Now to be biased, I am rooting hard for the Tri-City Valley Cats (Houston Astros) to win the Stedler division. Let's face it, that's my team. But I have also been very impressed with the talent the Houston Astros have drafted this season. I have especially been impressed with Daniel Adamson and not ready to see him go. Remember that name, I see this kid moving onto bigger and better things.

So folks, if you love baseball and a good battle for first, pay attention to this league. To keep track of it visit:

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