Harrison's Analysis: A Preview To TNA No Surrender 2010

Andre Harrison@@Harrison101HDCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2010

Will it make YOU Surrender 35 dollars?
Will it make YOU Surrender 35 dollars?

Hello everyone, Andre Harrison here, and it's time for another Harrison's Analysis. In this article, I shall take an in-depth look at TNA's upcoming Pay-Per-View, No Surrender. I shall take a look at all the matches, make some predictions, and give my overall thoughts heading into the Pay-Per-View. So, let's get cracking, with a Harrison's Analysis!

TNA Knockout's Grudge Match: Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

I know what you're thinking and I agree...Why the HECK is this match on the card? If you're going to have a female match on the card, why make it between the secondary women on either team. Tara was revealed to be the mystery biker woman on last night's Impact (Act surprised.) and Angelina Love, their Knockout's Champion, ISN'T on the card and the focus is on them. So to have Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky on the card means two things:

1) No-one's really going to give a damn.

2) This match has outside interference written ALL over it.

I think Madison Rayne will get the win, with help from Tara, leading to a big (sort of) blow-off for Bound for Glory. Again, annoyed that it's Sky/Rayne because Tara and Angelina are far better workers. (Mind you, that's not saying much). Also, minus EV2.0 and Fortune, this is the most consistent storyline in TNA right now. Scary.

Harrison's Analysis: Madison Rayne to win, with outside interference from Tara. Expect a train-wreck.

Abyss vs Rhyno (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

How many times have we seen these two face each other in hardcore style matches? I've lost count. Mind you, considering it's Abyss and Rhyno, were you really expecting anything else?

The thing is though, I'm not sure who to say on this one. It's bound to be a hardcore style match, which will be a fun brawl all over the Impact Zone, so that normally points to Abyss winning, but with EV2.0 around, I can never be too sure in-case they all go over, ala Main Event Mafia. I'll say Rhyno on this one. Expect 10-15 minutes of TV-14 Brutality. 

Harrison's Analysis: Rhyno to win...probably in a pool of his own blood.

Douglas Williams vs Sabu (X-Division Championship Match)

If you told me a year ago that Sabu would be in a TNA X- Division Championship, I'd be telling your doctor to up your medication. But alas, we have Douglas Williams in an X-Division title match against Sabu. Now, given that Sabu actually did a solid job against Rob Van Dam at Hardcore Justice, this match could be good, providing that Sabu doesn't mess anything up...

There is a reason there's a series of Botchamania episodes dedicated to him after all. Also, Doug is one of TNA's best workers and one of their most consistent right now, so besides Kurt Angle, he's the one man I have faith in that I know will constantly deliver. (Unless there's an X hanging over his head) This match, again, will probably get about 10-15 minutes, and I think Doug will retain again, as I can't see what good putting the title on Sabu will do.

Harrison's Analysis: Douglas Williams retains. Fingers crossed, it'll be good.

Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash and Sting

My good lord, Samoa Joe must have REALLY peed off the management to be feuding with Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Sting, who I'm pretty sure have an average age of near 50. I think all Samoa Joe fans, as am I, are annoyed to see how far he's fallen from main eventing Against All Odds 6 months ago. Jarrett can still work, but he thinks it's 1990 still, so it's not all that entertaining, Kevin Nash knows his limitations and works around them...And is Sting still injured or does a physical relationship with that baseball bat of his?

I'm not even sure who's going to win this one, as I really couldn't care less. I think Hogan could get involved, which'll boost the average age a bit too. Again, I think the heel team of Wolfpac Lite will get the win leading to BFG 10', so I'm going to go for them. Expect Joe and Jarrett to do the work here, and not much else.

Harrison's Analysis: Nash and Sting to win...*tumbleweed rolls past*


AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer (I Quit Match for the TNA Television Championship)


Show of Hands: Does anyone want to see Tommy Dreamer wrestle in 2010? Raven, put your hand down! I'm sure you guys see my reasoning. I have little desire to see Tommy in a ring anymore. His best days are behind him and AJ Styles should be doing more than holding a toy belt that isn't utilized properly.

Can AJ carry a guy? I don't really think so. Since it's an I Quit match, it favours Tommy as he can break out the weapons, but the fact it's for the Television title doesn't help the odds. I mean, as with the Sabu match, what would putting the TV on Tommy do for him, or the belt? Exactly. Hopefully another 10-15 minute match. If both guys are at their best, it could be passable to good, but knowing TNA, I'm not holding out much hope.

Harrison's Analysis: AJ Styles retains, but expect Tommy to still look strong.


The Motorcity Machine Guns vs Desmond Wolfe and Magnus (Tag Team Championship Match)


I'm sorry, did I miss something? When did Wolfe and Magnus form a team? And how the heck are they Number 1 Contenders?! Xplosion? Who watches that? And that is my issue with this match. There's been hardly any build for it, whatsoever.

The Guns are the Guns...They could wrestle a pillow and a tree and it would entertaining, but how can I care about a match that's build is 3 days before the actual PPV? It's a shame, because this could be a Match of the Night contender. Desmond Wolfe is one of the world's best when used correctly (Ask Kurt Angle), Magnus is always improving, and I dig his new gimmick, and as I said, the Guns, are the Guns. 

I don't expect Magnus/Wolfe to win, I think the Guns will retain, for a big match at Bound for Glory...Hopefully a rematch against Generation Me. I'd pay the PPV prive for a 20 minute Guns v Me match. Guns to retain.

Harrison's Analysis: The Guns to retain, could be Match of the Night.

Mr Anderson vs The Pope (World Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match)

Ah, now here's where things get interesting, as this is a rematch from the Eight-Card Stud Tournament Final from Against All Odds earlier in the year. I suspect that they've put these two together because they're the only two guys in the company that can talk their way into getting their momentum back. Let's face it, these two are the best mic guys in TNA, so it's a smart call.

Now, at AAO back in February, Pope was selling the injury from NWO2, so we all knew he was going to play the face-in-peril card to win. Now, they're on an equal playing field and they could put on a good to great 15-20 minute match. Who wins? I'm thinking Pope, as they're teasing a heel turn with all the pin-stealing he's been doing in recent weeks. Anderson can take a loss no problem, so it makes the most sense.

Harrison's Analysis: The Pope to advance, with a possible heel turn on top.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy (World Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match)

With the quality of names here, expect this to be the Main Event. Now, the quality of this match all depends on one person. Jeff Hardy. If this was Jeff hardy at his WWE Prime last year, this would be a 4+ star match if given, say, 20 minutes. But a sloppy Jeff Hardy is what I'm seeing right now, and I'm not fond of him right now. I have a serious lack of faith in him, and if he's as sloppy as I think he is, it WILL hurt the quality of the match...

...Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, I agree. Kurt is the best carrier in the business today, but I shouldn't be EXPECTING that going into a match. I just hope I'm wrong. Who wins? Who has the retirement stipulation? It sure as heck isn't the guy wearing face paint and gaining weight, that's for sure!

Harrison's Analysis: Kurt Angle (Obviously) Advances, Match of the Night if Jeff steps up.

Overall Thoughts on the Pay-Per-View

Having a Pay-Per-View on Labor Day Weekend (I'm British, I did my homework), is NEVER going to be good for business. So don't expect five figure buy-rates here. The matches themselves for the most part are mainly uninteresting, or booked so late with so little build that I can't really have a reason to care about them. Which is a shame, because as with most TNA PPV's, if booked right, it can be a solid show...But when was the last time that happened? *sadface* Let's hope I'm proved wrong.

I've been Andre Harrison, and that was your Analysis, let me know what you think heading into No Surrender. Thanks for reading and Sayonara!