Strange: BP/Laycool Former Friends?, Luna Vachon/TNA, Y2J

RiZESenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2010

Love & Mccool years ago.
Love & Mccool years ago.

Last week on TNA Impact, the Beautiful People officially reunited. Not only was this not surprising, but they took some obvious shots at WWE's Laycool. Now we all know WWE was being embarrassed by TNA's Knockout Division last year. The Beautiful People put on WAY better matches than most of WWE's Divas. So WWE steals BP's gimmick, utilizing Michelle Mccool & Layla. That's when the whole moronic Piggy James storyline commenced. Layla has denied it numerous times, but it's very obvious they ripped TNA off. Mccool even stole AJ Styles finisher, The Styles Clash. She whined about it on Twitter & reportedly is receiving a lot of backstage heat for it. Well it seems at some point Mccool & Love were once companions. posted a pic of the pair a few years back.


Though many believe him to be leaving WWE after Night of Champions, Chris Jericho is still very confident nowadays. In a recent interview in the UK, Jericho said he believes his main-event spot will always be secure. Jericho also said the Wrestling Industry has changed since he was an upper & comer ten years back.


"It's not like it used to be. I spent nine years going all over the place perfecting my craft, now it's nine months. The brilliant thing about The Nexus angle is that we're taking seven guys who have not done a thing and thrown them into the hottest angle they may ever be involved in. You've got to take what you have and work with it."


Well the best in the world at what he does has a way with words. Let's just hope he doesn't decide to hang up the boots again.


In other news, before her death Luna Vachon turned down an offer from TNA. As we all know Vachon's house burned down a couple of weeks back. Mick Foley suggested her manage Tommy Dreamer at HardCore Justice last month. Vachon turned down the offer, stating that she is permanently retired.


Luna's autopsy has been completed. Results will be available in the a few weeks.


If you watched NXT last Tuesday, You had to noticed the 6'9 Rookie Aloisia & her pro Vickie Guerrero. Well Aloisia for some reason, has been pulled from the Show. Vicky Guerrero reportedly "fired' her,

Well that's a season I surely won't be tuning in to.

I have been reading lately, and many of you believe Kane is close to retiring. In a recent interview the Big Red Monster indicated he has no plans to retire any time soon. Thank God.


For you who haven't heard already, Matt Hardy posted some very awkward updates on Twitter. Even going as far as to say he quits. Hardy obviously retracted a few minutes later, but can you blame the guy? I can't remember the last time he actually won a match. Jobbing to Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre certainly won't help Hardy reach his WH Title dream.

I really don't see that happening any time soon, though Matt definitely deserves it.


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