10 Future WAGs That Could Use An Image Change

Chris PolsonContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

10 Future WAGs That Could Use An Image Change

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    I've always wondered why certain celebrities seem to gravitate towards athletes.  The Kardashians are obviously famous for that.  But I also wonder why some famous young ladies have never hooked up with a sports hero.

    The truth is, some of them could use the exposure.  Others could just flat out use an image change, good or bad.

    So I decided to search the internet to see which ladies (at least according to wikipedia) haven't been a WAG in their illustrious careers.  Then I went through and found the 10 celebrities who are extremely hot, but also could use some sort of image change, and this is what I came up with.

Paris Hilton

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    First off, I'm refusing to count her "fling" with Brian Urlacher, because that's all it was.

    We've seen the sex tapes, the bad reality TV, and some have even probably heard the awful music.  Paris can do it all.   And its usually a trainwreck.

    Her latest arrest for cocaine just adds on to the need for an image change. Someone with the moral standards of a Derek Jeter or Phil Mickelson (if they obviously weren't already taken) could help steer her in the right direction.

    If not, she can always make another sex tape.

Lindsay Lohan

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    What happened to the girl in this picture?

    From drugs, to alcohol, to lost movie roles, she's pretty much done everything wrong over the past few years.

    I'm not even sure if she's bisexual these days, but she could use some help.  Finding the right guy (or girl) who is already a role model could transform her from a troubled young girl to one of the greatest comeback stories in years.

    Too bad someone like Peyton Manning is already taken.  He could've made her into the WAG of the year.

Miley Cyrus

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    I fear that this young superstar might be heading down the Paris/Lindsay path.

    Miley has had a lot of success at an early age, but lately she's been wearing provocative outfits during photo shoots and acting kind of slutty (for lack of a better word) at her concerts.

    I'm not sure how much control her father has over her life, but he ought to slow her down before she runs the fame train off the tracks and into a career trainwreck.

    If her father can't stop her, maybe she would be interested in young superstar athletes.  Pro golfers Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy are young and wholesome enough to maybe keep her in line.

Paula Creamer

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    She's obviously not a troublemaker like the young ladies in the first two slides, but Paula Creamer is young, cute, and already a big success.

    After winning the U.S. Women's Open earlier this year, the sky's the limit for the 24-year old golf pro.

    Since she's had no prior issues with the law or tabloids, and since I couldn't find any dating history for her online, Paula could use only a small tweak in the image-change department.

    Just don't send Tiger her way.

Mischa Barton

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    We've gotten to the "Whatever happened to her?" portion of the slideshow.

    I still wonder if The O.C. would be on the air today had Mischa Barton's character not been killed off.  I also wonder if she would still have a career.

    She's had one failed TV show and a lot of run-ins with the law over various issues since '06.  She's in desperate need of a new start.  Becoming a WAG to a prominent athlete could do just that.

    Someone like the NHL's Sidney Crosby could work.  If he's already attached, maybe he could set her up with one of his teammates.

Rachel Bilson

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    From one O.C. babe to another.

    Maybe she needs an image change, maybe she doesn't, but Rachel Bilson is single now, so this would be the best time to start out on the WAG trail.

    Any pro sports star would be crazy to pass up a chance with her anyway. This may be the hottest picture I've ever seen of her, and that's saying something.

    Just do us all a favor, PLEASE don't go back to Hayden Christensen.

Amanda Bynes

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    Are you retired or not?

    Either way, Amanda Bynes is hot, and if she wants her career to become hot again, she should become a prominent member of the WAG family.

    If Dwayne Wade is available, he'd be a good starting point.  Just don't get with the other recent addition to the Heat.  We don't need another episode of "The Decision".

Kaley Cuoco

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    For some reason, when I think of Amanda Bynes, I also think of Kaley Cuoco.  I'm not sure why that is. Oh well.

    She gives nerds everywhere hope (on TV anyway) so maybe what she wants is a smart boyfriend.  Or according to the caption in the picture, someone with a dog.

    If she wants to hit it off with Kevin Kolb of the Eagles, that's fine.  Just keep her and the rescued dogs away from the backup QB.

Yvonne Strahovski

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    Ah, my personal favorite.

    If you don't watch "Chuck" on NBC you're missing out.  For multiple reasons.

    Since Ms. Strahovski is relatively unknown, maybe she needs a superstar athlete to give her the career boost I'm sure she's looking for.  "Chuck" won't last much longer, so becoming a WAG could open more doors for her.

    If only she could get Tom Brady to dump Gisele.

    Wearing outfits like that could help.

Taylor Swift

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    This one is a complete 180 degrees from a couple of the other girls on the list, but hear me out.

    Taylor Swift is such a sweet young girl.  So sweet sometimes that it almost makes me nauseous.

    Is she always so wholesome and innocent?

    If so, she should consider dating a "bad boy" for a while, even if only for a couple of weeks.  I'm not saying she needs to go out and end up on TMZ or become one of the favorites at the local tattoo parlor, but she could certainly change things up in her life a little bit.

    Matt Leinart, Ben Roethlisberger, I'm looking at you guys to help me out on this one.

The End

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    This is my first venture into the WAG department.  Depending on the feedback, hopefully it won't be the last.

    Hope everyone enjoyed it.