"Cody", Episode 10, "Is Ignorance Truly Bliss?"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2010

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With the news that Cody received last week, it's been hard keeping Nicole and the (imaginary) "little one" in the down low. Cody thought of an ingenuous plan and decided to introduce Nicole to the locker room, but not tell them that she was "pregnant." Let's see what's going on...

Nicole: I don't know, Cody...it seems a little....soon.

Cody: Trust me, they'll love you, just like I do. *kisses forehead*

Nicole: *blushes*

Cody: Besides, I have to tape SmackDown tonight, so you hang out with some of the guys.

Nicole: Are you sure? I'm really nervous...

Cody: Don't be. *grabs hand*

Nicole: *smiles*

So after their little discussion, Cody decides to go...

Nicole: Shopping? Really? *squeals*

Cody: Yeah, I think it'll be fun.

Nicole: *hugs*

So they drive up to an upscale boutique in Miami...

Nicole: Cody! Really? Isn't this a little expensive?

Cody: Anything for my baby mama.

Nicole: *nervously giggles and walks in*

Employee: Hello. Is there anything I can help you with?

Nicole: No, thank you.

Cody: Hey, what about this dress?

Nicole: Um....no. None of these are really my style.

Cody: Well, c'mon we'll go to another store...

After a failed attempt, they go to another store...

Nicole: Wow! Look at all these!

Cody: Pick one.

Nicole: There's so many!

Cody: *walks around*

Nicole: Cody! Look at this one! But it's too expensive...

Cody: Let me see......wow this would look damn good on you.

Nicole: But it's $800...

Cody: So? We can get it.

Nicole: Really? Oh thank you!

Cody: *whispers in ear*

Nicole: *giggles* Of course you can....later.

Then, their day continued with a fabulous manicure and pedicure at a local salon! (Cody got one too!)

Nicole: Wow! Look at my nails! They've never been this shiny before!

Cody: I like the design on it.

Nicole: Oh thank you for today! It's been so great! *hugs*

Cody: Well, there's actually something i've been wanting to ask you...

Nicole: Oh yeah?

Cody: *takes a deep breath* Ok, here we go.

Nicole: Cody, you're scaring me...

Cody: You know I love you, right? Well, I want us to be together. Nicole, will you....

Nicole: Wait, Wait, Wait! What are you doing?

Cody: I was just going to ask you if you wanted to travel with me. I can buy you tickets for every show, you can stay with me at every hotel room, it'll be great!

Nicole: I don't know, this is....this is all too much!

Cody: You don't have to, I just thought the long-distance thing wouldn't work, and....

Nicole: I'll do it!

Cody: Really?

Nicole: Ya, I mean, I have to quit my job but...

Cody: I'll support us.

Nicole: Um......ok then!

After their adventurous day, they finally make it the arena where in 1 hour, SmackDown will be taped!

Nicole: I can't believe i'm at SmackDown! This is so exciting!

Cody: You know what's even more exciting?

Nicole: What?

Cody: My locker room! *pulls inside and kisses all over*

Nicole: Cody! Stop! *playfully giggles*

What Cody didn't know is that he forgot to close his door and another superstar came and passed by...

Christian: Geez! Get a room!

But then Captain Charisma steps back and takes a second look...

Christian: Cody? Is that your chick?

Cody: Yep she's all mine!

Nicole: Gee, thanks for introducing me! I'm Nicole, nice to meet you Christian!

Christian: Are you a wrestling fan?

Nicole: A HUGE ONE!

Christian: That's, that's great! *looks up and down*

Cody: Um, Chris?

Christian: *snaps out of trance* Huh, what?

Cody: Can I see you OUTSIDE? *grits teeth*

Christian: Sure. Bye Nicole!

Nicole: Bye.

Cody: What the hell man?!

Christian: What are you talking about?

Cody: You're totally checking out my girl!

Christian: No I wasn't. I was just.....observing.

Cody: You're sick.

Christian: Get used to it. Your chick is hotttt!

Cody: Whatever dude. *walks back in to locker room*

Cody went out to his match and left Nicole in his locker room, but he didn't leave it unlocked...

Nicole: *watches TV*

(knock, knock, knock)

Nicole: Come in!

Matt Hardy: Hey Cody, here's that...

Nicole: Matt Hardy?

Matt Hardy: Yeah, who...who are you?

Nicole: I'm Nicole, i'm Cody's girlfriend.

Matt: Haha, seriously. Who are you?

Nicole: Ha, you're funnier in person! *taps shoulder*

Matt: Hehe, are you really Cody's girlfriend?

Nicole: Ya! Why do people find that hard to believe?

Matt: Mmm...you mind if I sit next to you and watch SmackDown with you?

Nicole: Sure! Grab a seat!

Matt: So how did you guys meet?

Nicole: Well, I asked him for his autograph while he was working out.

Matt: Ah I see...*puts arm around*

(knock, knock, knock)

Nicole: Come in!

Dolph: Hey is Matt in....here?

Matt: Yes i'm in here!

Dolph: *walks over* Well, who's this lovely lady? *kisses hand*

Nicole: I'm Nicole. I'm Cody's girlfriend.

Dolph: Haha very funny!

Nicole: Why does everyone say that?

Dolph: Seriously?

Matt: Seriously.

Dolph: What are you guys doing?

Nicole: Oh, we're just watching SmackDown. Come join us!

Dolph: Well, if you insist...*sits next to Nicole*

But little did Dolph know, his "cougar" was looking for him...

Vickie: Have you seen Dolph? HAS ANYONE SEEN DOLPH?! Dolphykins! Where are you? I bought you some more short shorts!  *opens door and gasps* WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHO IS THIS?!

Dolph: Vickie! Um hi! This is Cody's girlfriend, Nicole. And you know Matt...

Vickie: What are you doing in here? I was looking for you!

Dolph: I was watching SmackDown with Nicole and Matt.

Vickie: Come with me right now! You need to try on these new shorts I bought you!

Dolph: *rolls eyes* Fine. Bye Nicole.

Matt: See ya Dolph.

Dolph: Bye Nicole!

Nicole: Um, bye.

Then, Cody walks back to his locker room with a victory in tow, and gets quite a surprise!

Drew: Another win for the "Dashing" one...

Cody: Oh hey Drew.

Drew: Your lass is in there with Hardy and Dolph.

Cody: What?

Drew: In ye locker room...they arr in there, but don't worry about it. It happens to me a lot too.

Cody: What do you mean?

Drew: Guys hit on Taryn all the time.

Cody: Um ok... *walks into locker room*

Nicole: Congrats on your win, Mr. Rhodes.

Matt: Ya congrats man! And I don't mean on your victory... *walks out*

Cody: Nicole, can you wait here a second?  *grabs Matt and walks out*

Nicole: Sure.

Cody: You wanna tell jokes?

Matt: Dude, what's your deal? I just meant that congrats for finding a hot chick like that!  You're acting like Mr. Sensitive over here.

Cody: Sorry. *walks back in*

So the next morning, Cody and Nicole catch a flight to Seattle, Washington and an interesting question pops up...

Cody: So when are we going to an ultrasound?

Nicole: *nervously giggles* I don't....I don't know.

Cody: I promise, i'll be there, no matter what.

Nicole: No, you're busy! I could totally go by myself, it's fine!

Cody: I want to be there! Do you want to know what it is?

Nicole: Um...no! I like surprises.

Cody: I think a surprise is what got us in trouble in the first place!

Nicole: Hehe, you're right. *nervously giggles*

Cody: Well, I love you Nicole. No matter what.

Nicole: 'No Matter What', huh? *fidgets*

After they land, Nicole makes an ultrasound appointment on a very compromising date, ON PURPOSE.

Nicole: Hey! I made an appointment for an ultrasound!

Cody: Really? That's great! When is it?

Nicole: On saturday at 2:00.

Cody: What? I have an appearance at SummerSlam axxess that day at 2:00!

Nicole: Oh. I'm sorry. I....forgot.

Cody: I guess you'll have to go by yourself. I'm sorry. I wish I could be there. *grabs hand*

Nicole: Like I said, it's fine.

(Ring, Ring, Ring)

Cody: Hello?

Vince: Hey there Rhodes, I need to see you ASAP.

Cody: Why sir?

Vince: If I wanted you to know, wouldn't I have told you?

Cody: Yes sir.

Vince: Meet me ASAP.

Cody: Ok thank you sir.

Nicole: Who was that?

Cody: It was Vince. You can hang out at the hotel if you want. I'll meet you there.

Nicole: Oh. That's fine. *thinks* Oh no.

Cody cruised over to where Vince was staying at, and was VERY nervous. What if he found out? What if he killed his push? All kinds of thoughts were running through his head. With all the courage he could muster up, he got out the car and went into the building.

Vince: Come in.

Cody: Of course.

Vince: Do you know why I called you here?

Cody: No sir.

Vince: You should.

Cody: Yes, I should.

Vince: You see, I got word of something very interesting about you Rhodes.

Cody: Really sir?

Vince: Yes. After hearing of this, I promptly googled it and found some interesting facts.

Cody: Oh.

Vince: *reads off laptop* Nicole Rodriguez: Runner-up Miss Hooters USA in 2008, Miss Colorado in 2009, by far the most attractive fan i've ever seen...Mr. Rhodes, you have done well. Almost too well...

Cody: You think so?


Cody: Thank you sir.

Vince: You may leave now, good job Rhodes. VERY GOOD JOB.

The whole week just flew by...until Saturday came around and Nicole has just gotten out of her doctor's appointment.

Nicole: So Doc, do we have a deal?

Doctor: I don't like it, but you are offering a lot of money.

Nicole: When he asks...

Doctor: ...the baby is doing marvoiusly and is growing.

Nicole: Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me.

Doctor: Have a good day, m'aam. Here is your ultrasound photo (which has no baby in it).

Nicole: *takes out phone and dials* Hey Frank. It's Nicole. I need a favor.  I have this picture and...you have PhotoShop right?

Oooh! How devious is that? Will she fool Cody once again? Will he ever catch on? Stay tuned faithful viewers to the next episode of Cody!



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