What Is Up With The Championship Divisions

brian kellyCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Why is it that every title in the WWE goes around to the same three or four wrestlers in there respective division's? The world title on raw will most likely go back and forth between C.M. Punk, JBL, Cena, and Batista  at least for awhile. The WWE title will most likely go between HHH, Edge, The Undertaker when he returns, and Khali. This is the same for every title in the company. It was a little surprising to have Cena and Batista win the tag team titles on raw, but than again there so desperate for tag teams that they put two randoms together to have another team in the hunt for tag team gold. There are enough wrestlers in that company to have contenders for each and every title. Although the womens divisions on smackdown and raw need women who can acually wrestle, there are a few who are good enough to hold titles. M. James, N. Neidhart, Victoria, and B. Phoenix for example the rest still need alot more training. The WWE need to start pushing more new wrestlers towards the championships, i'm a little tired of seeing the same championship matches over and over again. As always  it's just my opinion.