Baseball's New Look

Mike EaganSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2006
What in God’s name is happening to baseball’s uniform standards?

- First, we are forced to look at the Padres’ positively vomit-enducing “Desert Camo” get-up. While I’m all for supporting our troops, perhaps there is a better way than dressing our ballplayers in BDUs. Mike Piazza agrees, seen here complaining to umpire Mark Carlson that camouflage is unflattering to his hips.

- Then come the Diamondbacks, who have somehow managed to make the worst uniforms in the league even worse. Taking the sleeveless uni concept to a whole new level, some players have opted to express their disdain for shirt sleeves in general by sporting spandex, Under-Armor-style tights. Might the D’Bags – er, D’Backs be showing their sympathy for Kobe and his now-banned leggings?

- Then, finally, the Mets top it all by unveiling their two-toned debacle of a batting helmet, looking like something out of the CFL. Enough said.

Meanwhile, as these crimes against baseball fashion continue unabated, Barry Bonds is fined five G's for a pair of measly wristbands.

Witchhunt? I think so.