It's Over: Favre is Traded, and the NFL is Once Again at Peace

Andrew KaakeCorrespondent IIAugust 6, 2008

After a month-long debate, countless articles, unprecedented media attention, and the showdown between the legend and the team he led, the Brett Favre dilemma has been resolved. The all-time passing leader will be wearing green next year—Jets green.

The New York Jets have just made a trade for Favre, with the Packers receiving a draft pick, the worth of which is contingent upon his performance in New York. This deal solves all of the Packers' problems, and is not without merits for Brett.

The Packers have now established Aaron Rodgers as their starter, and they have cut ties with Favre. They have ended one era in favor of beginning another. Rodgers has some big shoes to fill, but the general impression of the sports world is that he is ready to give it his all.

Favre, on the other hand, winds up in the AFC East, home of the Dolphins, Bills, and the New England Patriots. He will be playing twice a season against Tom Brady, the QB hailed as the next NFL legend; this showdown will be one for the ages. With an already developed squad of receivers consisting of Jerricho Cotchery, Laveranues Coles, and Chris Baker, and the help of Thomas Jones in the running back position, Brett Favre may be able to live out his super bowl dreams with the Jets.

Was the trade something I anticipated: no. Did I like it at first: are you kidding me? Eventually, though, I saw how both sides could profit from it, and I now accept it as being a good thing. To most of the fans of Green Bay, however, Brett Favre will always wear green—Packer green.