Kane Talks About His Future, No IMPACT On TV Next Week, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2010

No Impact on TV next week

For those of you TNA fans out there that isn’t aware. Spike TV will not be airing Impact next week. This is because they will be showing an episode of “Gangland”, which was preempted to be shown for next week already. Impact will return to its regular schedule after that.

I know some fans maybe a little ticked off about this. You shouldn’t worry too much about it though. This even happens to the WWE once in a while. Back in the day I would turn on U.S.A network for wrestling only to find a dog show. Even Smackdown takes the bump today for baseball.

You will still be able to see the show, but it will have to be via the net.  I will do my best to cover the show for my weekly review the good, the bad, and the ugly. As someone who isn’t a big fan of watching TV from the net. This will be a chore to say the least.



 Kane Talks his future

World Heavyweight Champion Kane recently did an interview with the Kevin Eck from the Baltimore sun. It was a short interview, but he did talk about his future with the company. He also talked up the WWE, and touched up on a couple of other issues.

This wasn’t the most reveling interview; it did however answer the question I wanted to know about. A few months ago people were starting to speculate if Kane was going to retire. While nothing official ever came out on the matter that I saw, I still had to wonder on the issue.

Here is what Kane said on his future in wrestling

"I'm still having fun...I'm really at the height of my career, and I don't have any plans of packing it in, at least not in the near future." He also talked about how WWE Superstars are overlooked by the general public as performers... "Honestly, I think we in the WWE are very underrated as performers...What we do would be very difficult for even an experienced actor. To go out and sometimes have 15 minutes of verbiage, sometimes have to ad-lib and then, of course, have other variables such as the interaction with the audience, it can be challenging."

It’s nice to see that the Big Red Machine is going to stick around a little longer. I was always a big Kane fan, and after he won the belt I was afraid that it may have been his going away gift. He isn’t as fast as he used to be, but I felt he had at least two or three good years in him.


 ROH making some noise

Not too long ago ROH made a step in the right direction by re-signing the Briscoes. Well they are doing it again by re-signing not only Chris Hero, but Claudio Castagnoli also put his name on the dotted line. These are probably the two biggest re-signs so far for ROH.

Let’s see if ROH now goes on the offensive and snags some more talent that is floating around. I know they signed the World’s Greatest Tag Team, but from what I heard it was only a short term deal. I would love to see them snag someone like Ms.Chif, or Blue Demon Jr.


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