Brett Favre Going to the Jets—Now Who Will the Press Pick On?

ThomasSenior Writer IAugust 6, 2008

Apparently, the Jets don't trust Chad Pennington anymore. Late Wednesday night, the Packers and the Jets struck a deal that sees Favre going to New York and the Packers getting a fourth-round draft pick. Now that the Favre saga is finally over, who is the press going to pick on next?

Here are five options for their new whipping boy:

1. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys 

I'm sorry Tony, but what did you expect when you're on "America's Team", that'd everyone would ignore you?

2. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Now that Rodgers is the sole starter for the Packers, everyone, including the press, will start making comparisons. Rodgers, deal with it.

3.  Jason Taylor, Washington Redskins

Congrats Jason, you whined yourself off to Washington.  Now that your there, shut up and play.  If Taylor starts whining again, the press will be all over him, then the Redskins aren't gonna keep him and he'll need another team.

4.  Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Supposedly, Ryan's gonna be the savior of the Falcons.  Sure hope so, for his sake.  The press are just looking for a new sob story.

5.  Derek Anderson

Poor Derek, he has Brady Quinn breating down his neck.  He has to succeed or else he'll lose his job to Quinn and the press will just eat him alive.