10 Worst College Mascots

Nick MartinAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

There are so many universities in this country of ours, so I understand that coming up with an original mascot would be a difficult task but this is my "What were you thinking??" list.


10. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are neither uplifting nor are they intimidating. Georgia Tech is stuck somewhere in between an irritating nuisance and an allergic reaction waiting to happen. Maybe next time you should choose something along the lines of a flower, at least then you use the yellow jackets instead of being used as a pollinator of foliage.

9. Nebraska Cornhuskers

The cornhusker is more of an occupation than a symbol of your collegiate pride. On top of that I'm not even sure if this job still exists, I mean the last time I went to the supermarket all of their corn still had the husks on them.

8. Oregon Ducks/Oregon State Beavers

Ducks and Beavers? I don't even know when to start. What is wrong with Oregon when they have animals like bears, coyotes, and wildcats that they pick two of the least ferocious animals in all of America. I'm instituting a new mascot rule, if you can see one in a petting zoo, you should not be able to use them as your mascot.

7. Minnesota Golden Gophers

How cute that little gopher was in Caddyshack, out-thinking Bill Murray at every turn, and now he has thousands of college students cheering for him. This cute little rodent steps on the toes of the Yellow Jackets as more of an inconvenience than anything.

6. Tennessee Volunteers

I'm all for community service, but what conference rival is going to be shaking in their boots when the Volunteers come to town. Are you going to intimidate them by helping out at soup kitchens in the middle of the night? This must be more of an "inspirational" mascot. A message to their students.

5. Miami's Sebastian the Ibis

Does the University of Miami know that an Ibis is NOT a duck? Despite the fact that their mascot doesn't actually resemble an Ibis, you shouldn't use a mascot that no one knows what it actually is. I would never use a emu as my mascot, what recruit could get excited to play for the emus?

4. Oklahoma Sooners

What is a Sooner? Apparently its a wagon from the 1800's. If anyone could please clue me in to what a Sooner is suppose to be, I would be very grateful.

3. Idaho Vandals

Their mascot is a deviant. Why not just call your team the Idaho Serial Killers? I understand its suppose to be a cool kind of bad like the bandits or desperadoes, but vandalism is one of the most pointless crimes.

2. Stanford's Cardinal

When your team name is a color, as cardinal red is, why have a mascot that isn't that color? Stanford's Tree is neither red nor is it relevant to anything exclusively found in California. Might as well have your mascot be a cloud.

1. Syracuse's Otto the Orange

A fruit. It's a fruit. If the best mascot you can come up with is an orange, then I really don't think that you are qualified for such a hard job as mascot selection. I must not have seen the memo that said that the NCAA is now teaming up with Veggie Tales. I mean seriously, c'mon Syracuse.