Backing Manuel Almunia is All Arsenal Supporters Can Do

Akhil VyasCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2010

Almunia gathers a cross before Samba
Almunia gathers a cross before SambaClive Brunskill/Getty Images

The week has gone and the transfer window is shut and Arsenal have…not signed a new goal keeper. 

Mark Schwarzer was touted to come in as he even handed in a transfer request, but the deal did not conclude, for whatever reason. I am now not interested in why the deal did not happen but want to look forward.

As a club and as fans, all we can do is simply back and support Manuel Almunia and the rest of our keepers. We have no other choice. This has to be one of the biggest gambles of Wenger’s career and one that could easily backfire. If Almunia has a good season and Arsenal wins something, then this could be one of the best decisions Wenger has ever made. Looking at it now tells me it is a big risk.

The goalkeeping position at Arsenal is under the spotlight so much that every single shot, cross, and touch is looked at closely. The pressure is huge, so big that I do not blame the keepers for sometimes making mistakes.

Another reason why I will support Almunia is because of his personality (I know, it shouldn’t be a big reason) because he has always played for the shirt and been proud to be an Arsenal player. He has always stopped to talk to fans and personally, I have had a few conversations with him and he is a lovely fella. 

As for other keepers, Fabianski needs to play more games and I really hope he goes on loan because it’s unfair to judge him without seeing him play more regularly.

As a passionate supporter of this football club, I really hope fans back Almunia and give him another chance to prove himself. I do not see any other option, apart from writing this season off and starting a campaign to get Almunia out but I cannot see many people going for that option! So backing our man is the only way.

Let’s not forget, he has had good games for Arsenal, if he can cut out those silly mistakes, he can be the keeper we want him to be. I do believe that it takes competition in order to get the best out of Almunia but I am not sure if that will come. He did have a solid game at Ewood Park and more importantly, the fans backed him too. 

So let’s get behind him and hope for the best. 

The week started with a massive win at Blackburn. We all know the history with Big Sam, so it was a good achievement to win there. We did not have the best of times last season so was great to get the three points.

Roll on Bolton at home after the international break followed by Braga in our first Champions League game.

Come on you Arsenal!