Favorite Fly Patterns for Anytime, Anywhere

Bill TrussellContributor ISeptember 3, 2010
1. Olive wooly bugger ----warmwater & coldwater
2. Black wooly bugger ---warmwater & coldwater
3. Grass hopper (yellow body) ---warmwater & coldwater
4. Purple wooly bugger---warmwater & coldwater
5. Brown Wooly bugger----warmwater & coldwater
6. Flashback pheasentail nymphs
7. Copper john
8. Prince nymph
9. Varieity of Large Poppers for Smallmouth, Kentucky Spots and Largemouth
10. Stimulator
11. Beadhead Hairs Ear 
12. Soft hackle streamers
13. Griffiths Gnat
14. Adams dry flies
15. Clouser Minnow--warmwater and coldwater fishing 
16. Variety of small poppers and nymphs--warmwater fishing 
17. Beadhead Bouface Brown 
18. Zebra midges in the Firebuy variety a dozen different colors new on the market
19. Bluewing olive dry fly
20. San Juan Worm--different colors
Notice I didn't mention sizes, because that can vary depending on region.