Brett Favre Has Been Traded to the New York Jets...Why?

CourtCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Several reports are going out that the "Brett Favre Soap Opera" has ended with a late-night trade to the New York Jets. It has been an exciting trip, from a $20 million retirement payoff to an open competition for the starting job in Green Bay.

The question I have is: the Jets? Why the Jets? 

The Jets are by no means a contender in the AFC East, which houses maybe the best team ever assembled in last 10 years, the reigning AFC champs, the New England Patriots. It just doesn't make sense.

Favre goes from wanting to be traded within the division to the Vikings, who would have been playoff bound last year if it hadn't been for a red-hot Washington team.

The Jets' offseason included loosing maybe the best defensive player on the team in Jonathan Vilma. The only key acquisition was of guard Alan Faneca from the Steelers.

This team, on paper, looks to struggle to be a wild card in the AFC. But this trade makes sense for the reason that the Packers get Favre out of the division and out of the NFC.

But what does Favre get?

Nothing that he demanded from day one. That much is for sure.