Agree To Disagree: Would the Fireball Kid Burn the Master of Flying Submissions?

Jordan BujkoContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

The last PRIDE Lightweight Champion vs. the current DREAM Lightweight Champion: Who would win?
The last PRIDE Lightweight Champion vs. the current DREAM Lightweight Champion: Who would win?

After an exciting month of MMA action, we approach the week of UFC 119 with much anticipation as to whether the legend of Mirko Cro Cop can beat Frank Mir's deadly submission skills,

Speaking of skills, I now propose an exciting battle between two great fighters from the Land of the Rising Sun, as it is once again time for us to Agree To Disagree!

From the beginning of PRIDE and other MMA organizations to this day with companies like DREAM and K-1, the discussion over the world's best lightweight has raged on like a fearless wildfire.

Some say Takanori Gomi, others say Shinya Aoki, while even some argue still for BJ Penn, and some others will make a case for Frankie Edgar or Gilbert Melendez.

We already have seen what happened when Penn fought Edgar twice, and we already know what happened when Gomi fought Penn.

But we've never seen Takanori Gomi test himself against a guy with the submission skills of Shinya Aoki.

So knowing that, what would happen if you put Aoki in the cage with someone with the wrestling and the knockout power of Gomi?

On one hand, Aoki has earned his nickname, and not because the majority of his wins were by way of submission.

He's called "Tobikan Judan," The Master of Flying Submissions because every submission he's locked in and won with has seemed to come out of nowhere.

Even the submission he had on against his last opponent looked like it came from out of nothing.

Aoki has submissions and he doesn't have a problem going for more than just one round, even if he comes out losing the fight like he did against Melendez. However, he's got a hole in his game that everyone knows about, which is that he isn't a striker.

He's a black belt in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as a Class-A Shootist in the art of Shooto.

Gomi would be dealing with one of the sport's best submission specialists if he ever fought him in the cage, but think of what Gomi would also have to offer Aoki.

Gomi is also a Class-A Shootist in the hybrid martial art of Shooto, but unlike Aoki, he is a man who can stand and trade with almost any opponent as well as take them down.

He's been boxing for quite a long time, before he even got into the sport of MMA, and while he's not the Lightweight Division's best boxer, you have to admit he's not bad when he throws a few punches in a fight.

I don't have to really mention that Aoki would have a tough time standing with Gomi, and not just because Gomi's never been knocked out or even cut in his career.

Granted, Aoki's only TKO career win was by way of a cut, but he's not really a bleeder himself and he's also not one to always go for the knockout.

If it goes to the ground, the fight would definitely be more to Aoki's favor in a way, at least compared to how the fight would go if it stayed on the feet.

I see Gomi only having trouble with Aoki in a fight if Gomi tries to take the fight to the ground, because as I've said and as everyone knows, Aoki's submissions can come from anywhere at anytime during the fight.

If the fight stays standing, that's when Gomi could easily knock out Aoki with either one hard left hand, but that's just how I see it.

What do you think about this fight?

Who would prevail in this battle of Japanese sensations if the fight was ever made possible?

Once again, you are now free to Agree To Disagree!

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