Brett Favre—The Name Heard Too Many Times

Chad HoganCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Just now I'm watching the NFL Network and they're talking about Favre. Now I change the channel to ESPN, and guess what, they're talking about Favre, too.

I've just heard that Favre is a Jet. we will hear his name twice as much.

Even my mom, who doesn't know a thing about football, is complaining that on CNN they are talking about Favre too much. Now, when my mom is complaining about a football player I had no idea that she even knew, then that's bad.

Since he came out of retirement I have heard his name maybe 100 times a day at the least. Please, ESPN, ESPN 2, SportsCenter, PTI, Around the Horn, Jim Rome Is Burning, FSN, and even CNN—stop talking about Favre! No one cares and the fact that every channel plays the same thing every day now is so annoying.

I liked Favre until now. I can't wait for him to retire so we can stop saying his name. Even after that he will come out of retirement yet again and have a baby fight with the Jets. He was only good last year because of the weapons the Packers brought him.

For my last words I would like to say one thing to Brett: Retire.

Thank you for reading!