Creature Vs Creature: John "Bradshaw" Layfield Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2010

    Ok after failing to find a legal person to write about I finally got someone who actually does deserve to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame, John Bradshaw Layfield.

  I know most of the people will read the name on the article and probably go on to the next guy but I would like to take off two names and start with one, Bradshaw.

  Before JBL, there was Bradshaw. A fearless, gambling, cigar smoking, beer drinking badass that back in the day we loved to see. Bradshaw was a part of the APA, Acolytes Protection Agency, that were a tag-team that, if paid enough, would go out and fight for anyone. He was in this team with Farooq. Before they were the APA they were known as " Hell's Henchmen" with their manager Jackyl. Jackyl left and the APA was formed in The Ministry of Darkness and began a feud with the Corporation. Shortly after the APA we all remember was made.

  The door in the middle of an open area with them yelling at anybody who didn't enter through the door. The motto of " Because we need beer money". The poker table that they always played on was just so funny and awsome to watch.

 Along with Farooq the APA won a total of 3 Tag-Team titles.

  In singles competition Bradshaw was a beast. He defeated The Hurricane to win his first ever title, The European Championship.  He would go on to become a great singles wrestler and have a lot of gold to his collection. For the most part he didn't exactly win the honest way but its the way of the buisness, just ask Mr. McMahon.

 His Titles include:

 European Champion- 1

 Intercontinental Champion-1

 Tag-Team Champion-3

 Hardcore Champion-17


 WWE Champion-1

   While these may seem not HOF worthy you have to look deeper at them. JBL ranks fourth in Hardcore title reigns. Three tag-team titles is actually very good compared to the teams of that era. He currently has the longest lasting WWE championship reign, which is at 280 days.

  JBL has had very good results as both a face and heel. While now he may not be as close to wrestling as we would like him to be there is no denying that he was an extrodinary wrestler and should be in the Hall Of Fame.