Favre in The Fast Lane, in New York

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst IAugust 6, 2008

Favre is smiling now, but will he still be smiling in two months? I have a terrible feeling that this will not go well. Pennington will possibly be cut which will leave the Jets with Clemens and Favre, is Favre ready to take this team to the promised land? Will he even report to the Jets now that a trade has taken place.

The Jets are tight on cap space, so they will need to create space, perhaps with a new, bug contract for Favre? Mangini and Tannenbaum trying to buy a championship, sound familiar? No, I'm not talking about the Redskins either.

There seems to be a trend in the NFL of spending a lot of money lately. I wonder aloud if there are certain owners who firmly believe that the infamous "un-capped" year is being planned for by several clubs.

But for Favre, is this a good thing? Jets fans must be going crazy, "we got Brett!!!", and then "uh oh, we got Brett". What now Jets fans?

For Green Bay, the fans will also be crazy, but at least it's over now. Like a cancer taking a dear old friend, we knew it was coming, even expected it any time, but now, it hurts so much. Good luck Packers fans, Aaron Rogers may stay healthy long enough to pretend to be a decent quarterback. Then again, maybe not.

See ya Brett, enjoy.