Syfy Switch: Ideas For Raw and Smackdown Rosters On The Switch

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2010

As we all know Smackdown is soon to switch to SyFy. There have been rumors (I haven't heard that it will yet, so if it has my bad I didn't see it) that there will be some wrestlers jumping from Raw to Smackdown and Smackdown to Raw. I made this also pending if Jericho does, in fact, retire.

I thought about the best ideas for who would switch to make both more interesting.

Raw To Smackdown

I see a lot of big name wrestlers jumping from Raw to Smackdown because of exposure.

John Cena. Of course WWE would send the face of the company to the more exposed show.

Randy Orton. With Taker at his end there, won't be much competition for the world title, so he would make some more competition with Cena.

Edge. Same as Orton.

Wade Barrett. I think once he leaves the Nexus will be then lead by HHH and Barrett will recruit from Smackdown.


CM Punk. Since most big-name Raw stars switched, Raw is low on main eventers.

Jack Swagger. This might actually be the best move for the All-American American to start new on a brand that possibly won't treat him like crap.

Hawkins and Archer. This would at least give the Hart Dynasty some challenge. I still cant remember the last time the HD had a match they lost ( I missed the start of the 900th episode, so if they did my bad).

Cena and Orton would instantly be in the running for the world title (or the undisputed if t happens). I think Edge would start either a rivalry with Christian or they both grow a pair, put there differences aside and reform the best tag-team ever, probably wont happen but we can wish can't we? Wade Barrett would be great if he could actually form a Nexus stable from members from Smackdown.

Punk and Swagger would be up there with HHH, Sheamus, and Miz for the WWE title (again, pending the undisputed thing doesn't happen). Hawkins and Archer, along with R-Truth and Morrison, could be the start of some tag-teams the WWE has sorely been missing.

Ok, so there is my list of roster changes that I think would be good for both brands. Who would you guys choose?