Raiders vs Seahawks: My In Game Analysis. 1st Half

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Raiders vs Seahawks: My In Game Analysis. 1st Half
I was very fortunate to find a P2P link to watch the Raiders / Seahawks live tonight (, if you're reading this article now). The last pre-season game is really for the bubble players to make on last good showing to earn a roster spot or at the very least a practice squad spot. Even though most of our starters don't play, there are a handful who do. One of those starters is Chris Johnson, our starting Corner Back opposite Nnamdi Asomugha (pronounced AWESOME-OOH-AAH)! Earlier in training camp, he made a comment that there is NO QUESTION that he is the starter and that Stanford Routte was taking his spot. Someone needs to tell C.J. that starting corner backs don't get victimized by 3rd string wide receivers....pre-season or otherwise. So far, Chris Johnson has let this Deon Butler score 1 TD on 5 Receptions for 98 yards IN THE FIRST HALF. Looks like Stanford Routte could have his job by the time we play the Titans on Sept. 12. We gave up 210 passing yards on 11completions. Pass Defense Analysis in the First Half: POOR! Anyone who was waiting to see Mike Mitchell in action got their wish tonight. On a screen pass to Justin Forsett, Mitchell squared him up and smacked him up. I saw the play unfolding and was waiting for a hit similar to what Sheldon Brown did to Reggie Bush. No such luck but still a good solid hit. The Raiders didn't give up an single big running plays like they have in the past two games but they still gave up 50+ rushing yards in the first half on less than 20 carries. That's way too much for me in 1 half of football. The Raiders scored 17 first half points, but all in the first quarter. While the Seahawks kept them scoreless in the second quarter, they also put up 13 unanswered points. Rush Defense Analysis in the First Half: AVERAGE! Gradkowski once again has proven that (1) the team will play for him and (2) he can move the ball. Our little ball of fire threw for 2 first quarter touchdowns, 1 to Manase Tonga (FB) and 1 to Johnnie Lee Higgins (WR). We HAVE to see what we have in Campbell but Bruce Almighty is a helluva player. He only had 128 yards passing but with 2 TD's and no INT's, he did his job. If our running game would ever materialize, we would actually be dangerous. The Seahawks held us to just over 30 yards in the first half. Passing Offense Analysis First Half: ABOVE AVERAGE Rushing Offense Analysis First Half: POOR! Stay tuned for the second half.

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