BYU Fans' Guide To The West Coast Conference: Beauty All Around The WCC

Duane RogowskiContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

I had the pleasure of growing up in West Coast Conference country and attended many athletic events at WCC member schools.  I have had the privilege to visit every WCC campus except for Loyola Marymount University.  I have watched women’s soccer at Santa Clara University, men and women’s volleyball at Pepperdine University, basketball at the University of San Francisco and football, yes American football, at Saint Mary’s College; these and many other visits to the campuses of the WCC have given me a very good insight about the individual schools and the conference as a whole.

The WCC is competitive in many sports but there are some sports that are more popular with BYU fans than others.  The WCC excels nationally in baseball and women’s soccer as well as men and women’s volleyball.  The conference is also very competitive in men and women’s basketball and much to BYU’s “delight” the WCC basketball tournaments are held in… Las Vegas; at least it is not on the home court of a school in the conference like the MWC conference tournament is. 

Although football is not currently a sponsored sport in the WCC the conference does have some football history.  Saint Mary’s at one time dominated football on the west coast regularly beating USC and Cal.  The 1951 USF football team went undefeated and produced 3 NFL Hall of Famers but did not go to a bowl game, look them up on the Web and find out why, a very emotional story.

The thing that stands out most in my memory is how absolutely beautiful each WCC campus is.  The buildings, the landscape, the people are just… I am at a loss for words, they are just beautiful.  I have visited many other colleges throughout the country and I have seen some amazing campuses here and there but as a whole nothing compares to the schools in the WCC.

The campuses are a tasteful mix of old and new architecture.  There are older, noble buildings along side newer, glass and metal buildings; all are clean and well maintained.  The gorgeous architecture is not limited to just the buildings but include the walkways, plazas, and common areas.  You can tell the administration, faculty, and student body take a lot of pride in their facilities.

Whether it is Pepperdine’s breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean or the University of Portland’s “campus in a park” theme each school in the WCC is built in cooperation with the natural beauty around it.  The trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns found throughout these schools lend to the overwhelming feeling of clean and freshness.  The natural beauty accentuates the man-made beauty found on each campus.

I do not use the description “beautiful people” loosely.  Most students I have met at WCC campuses have a certain twinkle in their eye and a bounce in their step; they love life and enjoy their schools.  While visiting any WCC school to root for a visiting team I was always treated with respect and courtesy, in general WCC fans displayed a lot of class.  As fans the students are passionate and spirited.  Intelligent and driven these students are an asset to their respective schools.

To the fans of BYU, if you ever have the opportunity to visit a WCC school, do so and you will feel right at home; all the traits of beauty that I used to describe WWC schools apply to BYU as well.  Take time to admire the scenery, be a good representative of your school, and always display good sportsmanship.