(What If) John Cena Murdered: The News That Shocked The Entire World

Andrew AbbensettContributor IISeptember 3, 2010

This is Fake Made By Me
This is Fake Made By Me

American professional wrestler, musician, actor, media icon, and superhero, John Felix Anthony Cena (b. April 23, 1977) was murdered on Thursday evening at around 8:45 PM.

John Cena attended an early screening of Fred: The Movie in Boston, Massachusetts when his senses felt a Kryptonite powered alien monster was terrorizing the galaxy. He changed out of his civilian clothes and went forth to confront the problem at hand. He flew to the end of the galaxy to an unknown planet where the monster was terrorizing. John Cena fought the monster head on and nearly annihilated the monster until the alien monster unleashed a succession of Kryptonite powered hyper beams. When the monster was about to use it's final blow, a civilian absorbed the power of the hyper beam and used it to regenerate some of Cena's power. Unfortunately, the alien monster destroyed the civilian that saved Cena's life. Enraged John Cena used his newly acquired Hyper Beam to destroy the alien monster once and for all.

The civilians thanked him but he didn't realize that the monster was about to self destruct and take the planet with it. Cena tried to escort everyone off the planet and was successful. He escorted the last inhabitant off the planet and preceded to fly back to Earth when the planet exploded and Cena coincided with the explosion. His body landed back in Boston, coincidentally when local civilians found his body unconscious.

John Cena was checked into Massachusetts General Hospital at approximately 8:35 PM and doctors found that his body was full of scarring. Doctors tried everything they could to help him regain consciousness but to no avail. He was pronounced dead at 8:45 PM due to internal body wounds and exposure to Kryptonite.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, was informed of the tragic event, he had this to say. “I’m in deep shock that this has happened. John was a person of high integrity and respect; he cared about everyone in the locker room even if it wasn’t a two way street. Most people loved and appreciated him in this business and still do even after his sudden passing. I cannot even begin to express his sadness that Cena couldn't escape the planet in time. He never got on anyone’s bad side or at least tried to. This is just a depressing event.” Vince McMahon later stated that he will have a press conference at the Staples Center this weekend concerning the tragedy. 

While McMahon seems to be very depressed about the situation, fans all around the world are equally saddened if not more saddened by the event that transpired Thursday night; however, many internet forums seem to be glad that John Cena was annihilated on the planet and say that this will usher out an era of mediocre wrestling and that WWE can finally focus on the wrestling aspect and less on the entertainment. “I can’t believe how insensitive people can be” Elizabeth Huberdeau, Cena's widow, said when asked about how she felt. 

Following this comment, the internet turned into a battleground of debate and opinion over various subjects: who killed Cena, what the motives were, and how will this effect WWE. One side says that while it’s a low blow to the WWE and they won’t be able to recover from it. The other side says that while it hurts the WWE, they will be able to recover and probably be better than ever. Then there’s a group that claims to know that this is the greatest thing to happen to WWE and will start a new era, a phenomenal era.

This was one tragic event that hurt the wrestling world and everyone around the world. John Cena will be sorely missed by everyone and the WWE will have to make some major changes. If it’s a good change or a bad change is up to the fans of WWE.