Dixie Carter Would You Please Shut.. The Hell.. Up!

Hombre LoboContributor ISeptember 2, 2010

"TNA iMPACT! is going LIVE on 10/7. Remember my tweet about how TNA is going to change forever? Stay tuned."

Dixie Carter may be the worst mind in the wrestling business today. For once, why don't her and the staff at TNA just let things happen. Why do they always have to make a circus about everything?

Think about it. TNA going live could have been a perfect opportunity for TNA to start shaking things up. One week all of a sudden no one sees spoilers for TNA on their preferred dirt sheet and we come to find out Universal Studios has set the iMPACT date for a Thursday. A TNA fan going to the event would have to ask oneself "Does this mean we are going live?!" Can you imagine the feeling of surprise and adrenaline rushing through you knowing you have no idea what the heck is going to happen but all you know is that you and the entire world is about to find out? Talk about a treat.

So, please Dixie. Before you tweet.. think!

Be unpredictable. Fans like that.