Morgan Has Problems, But The Florida Marlins Are Wrong In The End

Fircoal UrbanContributor ISeptember 2, 2010

WASHINGTON - JULY 29:  Nyjer Morgan #1 of the Washington Nationals steals second base under the tag of Omar Infante #4 of the Atlanta Braves at Nationals Park on July 29, 2010 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

I'm sure everyone has heard of Nyjer Morgan and all that he has done lately. Many stories have been heard about him and the trouble that he has caused. He's ran into many catchers not for strategic reasons but rather to harm them and has done other questionable acts like swearing and throwing balls at fans. Now a day after he runs down Marlin's catcher Brett Hayes he ends up starting a benches clearing brawl. What more can this guy do!?

However that isn't fully true. While he has done many horrible things this year his actions last night are not in regular string of stupid antics but actually understandable reactions to what happened (for the most part). We start off this tale in the 4th inning when Morgan gets hit by a pitch (After he was up twice in the game). Instead of coming at the beginning of the game the Marlin's decide to wait until they have a 14-3 lead to enact revenge. It seems that the Marlin's felt to do that because they could do it, not that they were really interested in revenge or hurting the guy that hurt their player.

Now for someone like Morgan it wouldn't be out of his character to storm the pitcher right then and there, but wait! He decides to take the higher road. Instead of creating a disturbance like he has in the past, he gets his revenge by stealing second and third base. Now many like Wes Holmes criticize him for stealing bases while down by so many runs but its fairly obvious that a weak argument like that has absolutely no basis in logic. The Nationals were basically in position to lose. They were 11 runs down with 6 innings to go. For a weak team, it was going to be a hard game to win. So, if you're going to lose anyway why not take some risks? If Morgan was caught stealing on one of his steal attempts, what would have happened? Well nothing. It's still 14-3 and the game still looks hopeless. And if he successes and scores. Well he just put his team one run closer to winning and he netted himself some better statistics. It's not like the National's have an easy to reconcile lead, they're getting blow out! If he gets caught, who cares? It's still a very cumbersome lead. But if he makes it, it can provide spark to overcoming the deficit.

So Morgan scores and then in the 6th inning he comes up once again. Well Volstad learned from his last encounter that hitting him would just let him steal bases and make bigger fools of the Marlins. Like the rest of the Marlin's he's unjustifiably mad that Morgan stole bases at a reasonable time. Since he can't hit him, what can he do. Oh I know, throw behind him to scare him.

And that's what he does. Now the second time that Morgan was attempted to hit, he's mad. And who can blame him? When does a player ever get justified being thrown at TWICE in one game? Especially when the second time is for such a weak reason. Now I don't condone that he started a fight, but I do understand why he did it. This is a guy we know has emotional problems. The Marlin's should be smart enough to try not to throw at a guy like that twice. By doing that they were bring on Morgan to fight them.

The Marlin's showed no class during the game and ended up making themselves look like a bunch of babies. At the end of the game Wes Helms decides to say that stealing bases in a blowout is an unwritten rule in Baseball. Well I don't think I've ever heard that and it seems to defy logic so you can cry yourself to sleep tonight Helms cause I don't care.

Marlin's you could have taken the higher road and just let Morgan look like the dick he is but instead you decided to throw a fit and now you look just as bad as he does.