Vince McMahon Is Getting Greedy: TNA, WWE Not What They Used to Be

Pasha HartContributor IAugust 6, 2008

Today, wrestling is all about money. Vince wants to make as much as he can.

TNA is trying to be something new, but they are not doing a good job of it. Instead of being like WcW back in the days of "The Monday Night Wars," they are trying to be better than the WWE by using their old wrestler.

I think there was a reason that they fired Scott Stiner, Goldust, and The Dudleyz. While Cage, Booker, and Kurt were a good thing, they are trying to put too much into the old WWE people instead of making new starts with AJ Styles, Daniels, and Williams—although they are getting a push now. It's really now what it should be.

And WWE isn't any better. Vince is really getting greedy. All he cares about is money. I don't think he even cares if the matches are good anymore.

There are these rare matches that make me sit in front of my TV and watch. Some people might disagree with me, but I think Cena is way over-hyped and they just give him titles to hype him up and/or his matches.

For example, the tag team titles. Instead of keeping the team of Cody and Ted, they just threw them out and made them look weak. And why? So Cena and Batista have some hype going into their match.

Plus, they can't even have blood on RAW anymore since he wants more kids to watch it. But the thing is, what about us, the people who have always watched wrestling and want to see some action?

Right now, it's more like a soap opera. There is too much emphasis on the story and not enough on good matches, but I hope it all changes with the wave of new talent. So let us all keep our fingers crossed for a good SummerSlam.