Dixie Announces TNA Impact Life Changing News (again)

JC AugustineCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2010

First off I want to thank BR for updating the site so that I can now post articles from my iPod, which makes the reaction time to news much faster and giving me motivation for a glorious return to the community (part of which is the name change). 

Dixie has just announced via her Twitter and Facebook accounts that on Oct. 7, TNA Impact will be shot live and all subsequent episodes would be as well. 

This was not the big announcement "The Savior" had been hoping for from TNA. I was praying that Awesome Kong was coming back, or Hogan and/or Bischoff had been fired, but nope. It's just that TNA is going live—again. 

If you remember back a few months ago, TNA broadcast a few episodes of TNA live during the failed Monday night experiment. Now they're bring it to Thursday night, but "The Savior" doubts that there will be any noticeable changes to the regular programming.

Maybe there will be more bother moves by Rob Terry and TNA management will finally hope. Only men can dream that day of reckoning will come. 

Will making TNA Impact episodes live make you more inclined to watch? My self personally? No, it will not. I'd rather watch the Danielson/Miz feud than almost anything TNA has. 

You have just been illuminated by J.C. "The Savior" Gustin. Any thoughts, questions, etc. please be posted below.